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Business Insider Talks Swag With Co-Founders

Business Insider spoke with Jeremy Parker and Josh Orbach this week and featured the co-founders in an article talking about

The interview discusses the company’s growth in recent years and history such as initial sales of custom swag to Facebook, Amazon and WeWork. Three years later they have 3,000 customers and are set to bring in about $6 million in revenues this year.

From the amount of customers and revenue in the past year, Business Insider talks about the market for branded promotional goods and how todays buyer wants the ability to customize easily and not be overwhelmed by choice.

Jeremy Parker notes that “We’re going to curate it down to be what’s the best that’s out there; what’s something that we would actually want to keep” and currently works with 30 main vendors, including well-known brands like Moleskine for notebooks and Under Armour for clothes.

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