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Creative Promotional Product Ideas

Four Types of Creative Promotional Products

Giving and getting swag is always fun, but there’s an element of sameness to it when all organizations give out are the same few types of items. To really capture people’s attention, go with creative promotional products that will help your brand stand out among the sea of pens and cheap water bottles that are so prevalent during giveaways.

Branded Yoga Mats

Everyone needs a yoga mat, even if they’re not doing yoga. They have tons of applications and can serve as anything from a gardening mat to support underneath a sleeping bag. And, of course, you can do yoga on them.

So if everyone needs one, and there are plenty of uses for them, why aren’t you handing them out as a promotional product? Making use of the space on a yoga mat for your branding is a great idea. Everytime the mat is unrolled, your recipients will see your brand and remember your organization.

A good choice for a utilitarian yoga mat is the Custom Yoga Mat. It comes in your choice of black or blue, so you can choose which style matches your brand best. It also includes a harness and strap, so you can shoulder your mat and easily take it with you wherever you go.


Branded earpods are a perfect blend of design and functionality. No matter where you go, you’re bound to run into someone wearing a pair. Everyone may have been skeptical about them when they first came out, but now they’re everywhere.

From Apple’s AirPods to our AcePods, there are earpods for every budget. The sleek, iconic case has plenty of room for your branding to be printed on, so everyone will remember which organization it was that handed out the best creative promotional products.

Custom Face masks

Speaking of things that are everywhere, face masks became a necessity almost overnight and now you can’t have too many. By branding face masks and giving them out as promotional items, you’re showing that your brand cares about health and well-being.

The Face Mask is a practical choice. It comes in an array of colors, from lemon chiffon to solid black, so you can easily match your branding to the mask color. Our masks are washable and reusable, and include bendable nose clips so your recipients can fit their new custom face mask to their own profile with no problem.

Custom chocolates

What better way to say thank you to your team and customers than by providing them with custom chocolates with your logo printed in edible ink on the front? If you order the Custom Belgian Chocolate, you’ll be able to wow everyone who gets one with the high-end look and taste of the candy.

If you’re looking for something equally as creative as custom chocolates but that’s still considerate of people with health conditions that prevent them from eating sugar, Sugar Free Gum is the way to go. Your logo is printed professionally on the package, while each piece of minty gum is safety- and freshness-sealed inside.

What impact can giving away creative promotional products have on your bottom line?

Creative promotional products are a great idea if you’re looking for a way to make your organization stand out among your competitors. By switching things up, you’re showing people that your brand is active, engaged, and thinks outside the box.