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Custom AirPods And AirPod Cases You Can Gift Your Employees This Holiday Season

Unless you’ve been living under a rock the last few holiday seasons, you’re likely aware that Apple AirPods are one of the most in-demand gifts on the market, appearing on just about everyone’s wishlist.

For people managers looking for a way to demonstrate appreciation to their employees this holiday season, gifting AirPods is a fantastic way to let employees know how much they’re valued. They make a smart gift that people will actually want to keep– a key feature in a successful holiday present. In corporate gifting the AirPods are an absolute best-seller.

If you’re looking to hook up your virtual teams with some Apple AirPods (or Apple AirPods Pro) this season, we can help! makes it easy to pick out and customize products, as well as box them up and ship them to your remote employees or customers around the world. Read on to see all of the Airpod products and swag we offer.

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Custom Apple AirPods, AirPod Pros and AirPods with Wireless Charging

These are the real deal, the main event. We offer AirPods, AirPods with wireless charging and AirPods Pro (Out of stock, but coming back soon!) All of them come fully customizable with your logo as well!

AirPods are cutting edge wireless headphones for working out, working from home or working on relaxing! They have an extensive bluetooth range, come with a sleek charging case and offer voice-activated virtual assistant access. They are compatible with every iPhone, iMac, iPod and iPad. They’ll also have access to the Apple Watch and likely other Apple products that are released in the coming months.

Note that these are all part of the AirPods 2 line, upgraded from the previous AirPods 1 that debuted in 2016. Apple introduced the AirPods 2 in 2019. The 2nd generation of this tech came with tons of improvements.

Your logo will look amazing whether it’s one color or many. See for yourself by using our instant mockup tool!

Custom Painted AirPods, AirPod Pros and AirPods with Wireless Charging

If you want to go all out on the coolest holiday tech gift you can give your employees in 2020, these painted AirPods can’t be beat. You can mock them up to be painted almost any color, including combinations of different colors.

What’s more, we can print a sharp logo on top of the paint you’ve already added. The end result is a luxury product that will make a huge impact on your remote employees or top customers. We offer this service for AirPods, AirPod pros and AirPods with wireless charging.

Custom Airpods Cases for AirPod and AirPod Pro Models

If you want to make the gifting experience all the more special for your remote employees or best customers, go the extra mile and include a customized case to go along with your product. 

All AirPods come in a matte white wireless charging case that you simply put your earbuds in to charge. The AirPods Wireless comes with a wireless charging case that can be put directly on top of a wireless charger to power up. Currently the AirPods Pro case is wired.

This silicone case fits on the standard AirPods and comes in tons of different colors. We can easily add your logo to the front as well, ensuring that your employee’s headphones stay safe and stylish at the same time. 

If you want to outfit your remote team with the ability to get, well, more remote, try this silicone case that comes with an attachable carabiner. Clip it onto a backpack or purse to take it on the go, and perhaps more importantly, keep track of where it is!

We also offer a silicone case with carabiners for AirPod pro models.

AirPod-esque Alternatives that Are Perfect for Budgeting

Maybe it’s just not in the budget to splurge on higher-priced tech this season, but you still want to gift items that are high-quality. No problem! We’ve got a few items that replicate the AirPod design without the AirPod cost. 

The AcePod 2.0 is a great example. These headphones have button free touch sensor control, long lasting battery life and True Wireless Stereo sound technology. They come in a charging case that you have the option to customize with your logo.

We also offer the same model in black for a sleek alternative you can’t find in many other places. 

This year, let us be Santa Claus: We’ll deliver your employee gift boxes directly to their door

Along with your AirPods and custom cases, we can help you design an entire box of tech delights this holiday season. Our platform makes it easy to add items from our website into fully customized swag boxes that you can pack with personalized notecards and more. 

Build a Christmas gift box today. Remember, if you can build it, we can store and ship your gifts to individual locations around the world!

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What are you doing to make this holiday season special for your remote employees? Reach out to for a chance to be featured.