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Brand Spotlight: Marine Layer is obsessed with providing quality promotional products. That is why we highly recommend Marine Layer apparel. Here a few of our favorites. is obsessed with offering you the best quality promotional products and giving your employees and customers items that will want to keep and use.

Providing promotional products that people love has two benefits. First, it creates a positive feeling for the receiver of the products which will translate to their perception of your brand, either as customer or, for employees as a place to work. Second, if it is an item they are happy to use, your branding will be seen by others. So choosing great quality items is a win-win and worth spending a little extra.

For this reason, we are thrilled to offer Marine Layer products at Their products are incredibly soft and comfortable. Here are a few of our favorite.

Marine Layer T-Shirt

  • Marine Layer Unisex Crew – The Marine Layer Signature Crew is one of the best! Not only are they the most absurdly soft shirts you’ll ever wear, but they’re also made with recycled beechwood, so they’re sustainable too

Marine Layer Sweatshirts

  • Marine Layer Pullover Crew – A true Marine Layer classic. It’s like a raglan and a sweatshirt had a baby. An absurdly soft baby. Featuring our mock twist Sherpa fleece yarn for a more textured appearance.
  • Marine Layer Sherpa Zip Hoodie – This hoodie is soft. Dangerously soft. You might be thinking, ”Dangerously soft? That seems kind of dramatic…” And you’d probably be right. The only real danger is never wanting to take it off. Wear at your own risk. Also available in Men’s sizing.
  • Marine Layer 1/4 Zip – For the casually athletic, or just the plain casual. This quarter zip is so soft, you’ll wanna throw out all your other clothes. Featuring pockets that are great for holding stuff (For example: Sunglasses or perhaps a light snack? Again, available in Men’s sizing.

Marine Layer Joggers

Looking for the perfect work-from-home attire? These two joggers (aka sweatpants) are the best. Soft, perfect fitting and nice enough to wear out.

  • Marine Layer Basic Joggers – Look cool while you cool down with these casual sport joggers. Made in our heavyweight active fabric, so you won’t sweat through them. Perfect for any occasion!
  • Marine Layer Women’s Joggers – These absurdly soft joggers are looser than leggings but definitely more fitted than sweatpants. Because nobody should really be wearing baggy sweatpants in this day and age.

Other Marine Layer Products

Marine Layer also makes other great products focused on being cozy and warm. Here are a few that are perfect for keeping cozy on a cool summer or fall evening or simply lounging on the couch.

  • Marine Layer Blanket – Ok this one is a big decadent, but we all deserve it. The outside is made with Marine Layer’s absurdly soft mock twist sherpa fleece fabric. The inside is lined with Marine Layer signature sustainable tee shirt fabric. Now you don’t have to sleep in our sweaters
  • Marine Layer Reversible Sweater – The Marine Layer Men’s Reversible Corbet Pullover features super soft quilted layers of our custom two-toned fabric for the softest sandwich of a sweater you’ll ever wear. Also available in a woman’s fit.

Rep your brand on the best

These Marine Layer are guaranteed to be worn by your employees or customers and they will appreciate the great, comfortable swag. And your brand will be seen and will look classy. What more could you want? Oh, want to send these directly to your individual team members or customers. We do that too!