Digital Enterprise Talks Swag with CEO Jeremy Parker
Press Coverage

Digital Enterprise Talks Swag with CEO Jeremy Parker was featured on The Digital Enterprise the other day, for an interview with Jeremy Parker, CEO and co-founder. The piece talks about the background to since 2016 and how “the promotional product industry was littered with companies that offered throwaway products. Products that would end up in the trash, costing the company money and tarnishing their brand.”

This inspiration helped add a level of quality to what most focused only on the quantity of. We also wanted to make the buying process much easier and help staff get orders out in minutes instead of hours. “And while there is a digital transformation in many industries, the promotional product industry still felt old and fragmented.”

With new initiatives like on demand printing – companies and consumers notice that they do not always have to buy or restock in bulk. However, there are pros and cons to each as well as ongoing challenges that a new business and technology can face. As a result, we are constantly keeping tabs on the industry overall, trade press and more.

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