Catered Lunches And Beyond_ Resources For Office Food And Beverage
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Catered Lunches And Beyond: Resources For Office Food And Beverage

Office managers already have full plates (no pun intended, or maybe it was…) but you still have to keep your team nourished and refreshed, which is why catered lunches are such a ubiquitous part of the job. So we’ve put together a quick list (fresh from the Swag 100!) of the best resources to go beyond the catered lunches with innovative and healthy ways to make it easy for your team get their nosh and sips on.


The water cooler has become a staple of the workplace synonymous with a place to chat with your co-workers and catch up on weekend updates between meetings. Bevi has made a significant improvement on the old office standby, the water cooler, with their smart beverage dispenser which allows you to bring a variety of flavors (and the option for bubbles!) to your office space while kicking disposable bottles to the curb once and for all.


Coordinating lunch plans with your coworkers has never been easier thanks to Bitebot. Bitebot is a Slack integration that allows you to efficiently coordinate with your co-workers, pay all at once, and see who needs to pay for lunches next. Instead of splitting the tab, one person can pay, and Bitebot will be there to make sure the office knows where everyone stands. Adding Bitebot to your team’s Slack setup not only makes it easy for groups to manage lunch plans, but it subtly encourages inclusivity so that everyone gets a chance to join in on lunch outings.


Bulk shopping is often the best bet for offices, but shopping in person can be hectic (have you ever tried to maneuver one of those flatbed carts through a warehouse?!) and stores usually charge extra membership fees. Boxed beats traditional bulk shopping stores because you get all the products you love in bulk, online, and with no added membership fees. Your supplies arrive at your office door with just a few clicks.


Catered office lunches can be time-consuming to put together. You have to worry about dietary needs, budget, and finding a good restaurant to work with. Cater2Me helps you with all of these issues with a dedicated account manager who will help your office create catered meals that everyone will love.


Sometimes you need to grab a drink with your co-workers to celebrate a job well done. DeskBeers allows you to send excellent craft and small-batch beers to companies for single events or even on a regular basis to show your appreciation and bring your workers closer together no matter where they are in the world. It’s the perfect way to include remote team members in your office’s happy hour!


One of the best gifts you can give your employees are some homemade baked gifts, but baking enough for an entire office is not a task most people would like to undertake. Lucky for you, Doughbies specializes in whipping up baked goods, and they can deliver quickly to offices across the nation. Order up some fresh cookies for an afternoon meeting or a mid-morning break.

EAT Club

A perk that many offices are leaning into is catered lunches, but coordinating everyone is difficult. Teaming up with EAT Club allows you to provide office lunches without the hassle. Your workers input their orders into the EAT Club app or website and EAT Club makes sure that your employees get their lunches delivered quickly, no need to put anyone in charge of rounding up office lunch orders!


Catering for a company function can be difficult when you aren’t sure what’s out there. ezCater has built an easy to use marketplace for offices and restaurants across the country. Restaurants list their menu and catering minimums/fees, and you can quickly pick what you need, see reviews for companies, and be an informed consumer when it comes to catering for your office events.


Getting good food delivered to your office every day is the name of the game according to Foodora. Foodora works closely with many restaurants across various countries to get delicious, fresh, flavorful food to your office when you need it.

Fresh Direct

Going grocery shopping is a thing of the past when you shop online with Fresh Direct. Having a pantry and fridge stocked for your employees will help them feel like they are part of your family. You can get all the groceries you need without shopping, waiting in lines, and shaving hours of productivity away. As a bonus, Fresh Direct services many parts of the United States that are outside of the typical delivery areas for some of the other grocery delivery services.


We have all had that feeling, once breakfast has worn off but it’s too early for lunch, we all crave a little snack around 10:30 AM. Or worse yet, after lunch when we’re almost done with work for the day, but need one last snack to get us through the last hour of work. There’s nothing worse than running out of snacks at your desk and not being able to find anything in the breakroom. Graze allows you to stock a variety of snacks for your team so that doesn’t happen. And the best part? They are all delivered by mail so it’s one less thing to think about.


You may know GrubHub for delivering food to your home, but did you know that you can create a corporate account with GrubHub to deliver to your business? With a Grubhub corporate account, you can even get a line of credit extended to your business and a flexible billing system to make ordering delivery for your business much more efficient. Those last minute “can you order in a lunch for our team meeting?” requests will be a lot less painful.


Wouldn’t it be great if you could get someone else to do the shopping you needed to do at local stores in your area? With Instacart you can put someone else in charge of the grocery shopping you need to do for your business locally, helping you pick up all your groceries and get them delivered on the same day you requested them. Instacart’s store availability depends on your delivery location but if you have a Costco nearby, Instacart can get there for you and deliver on the same day.


Everyone loves snacking, but it can be a hassle to keep up with every month. With the cost to cover office snacking varying significantly month to month, wouldn’t it be great if you could pay a fixed price? With Naturebox’s office plans, you can spend a flat rate to get as many snacks as you need per month. If you run out, Naturebox will send more snacks your way.

oh my green

When your workers are healthy, your office is healthy. The company oh my green has taken the office kitchen to the next level with kitchen design services as well as healthy snacks, food, and catering for your office. No matter your company size from 50 to 2,000+, oh my green has your needs covered. They’ll even manage industrial-grade appliances like refrigerators, beverage dispensers, coffee machines, and yes… kegerators.


Platterz is helping empower your company through delicious catering from local restaurants. With a slew of tools such as recommended meals, group ordering, and scheduling Platterz will help your employees get the meals they want at events such as lunch and learns, executive meetings, and company dinners.


Office snacking just got a new name, SnackNation. SnackNation curates snack boxes for your office using their catalog of over 5,000 snacks and counting. As an office manager, you can even get a free 15 snack mega-sampler box to test out the quality of their snacks before you commit to their usual snack boxes.

The FruitGuys

Having fruit around the office will help your employees stay happy and healthy. The FruitGuys are America’s #1 original office fruit provider, and they have been family owned and operated since 1998. There is nothing like farm fresh fruit and you can get it at your office by using The FruitGuys website.


Youtopia is all about creating office snacks so delicious, they’ll worship you. Youtopia creates perfectly portioned office snacks that won’t make you feel guilty or let you turn one serving into four. You get precisely one serving in each Youtopia pack, and the snacks are filled with ingredients you’ll love without too much sugar, fat, or carbs.

Zero Cater

Food brings people together, and your office can be at the center of that with Zero Cater. Zero Cater is the #1 way companies feed their teams with millions of meals served. With the help of Zero Cater, you can custom curate a food experience for your entire office with their catering and snacking options.


Curating a happy, healthy office has never been easier with the help of Zesty. Zesty works closely with you to figure out how your team eats as well as any dietary restrictions they have, then you are assigned a registered dietician who will work to curate a custom menu for your team based on Zesty’s featured restaurants. Each week you can review menus and then Zesty catering captains will help deliver the food your team needs to stay healthy on-site.