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Key Takeaways From The x Hoppier Webinar On Remote Employee Engagement

Last week, CEO and co-founder Jeremy Parker worked with Hoppier CEO Cassy Aite to deliver a live webinar about employee engagement in the era of remote work. 

The pair talked about the need for company leadership to find creative solutions to the problems posed by having teams work remotely, especially when it comes to employee recognition and appreciation. 

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Key Takeaways:

-The switch to remote work poses significant challenges when it comes to keeping employees engaged, and making them feel appreciated for the hard work they put in. 

-People managers must get creative in finding ways to reward employees; what this looks like today is not necessarily what it looked like yesterday. It’s important to set aside money in your budget for employee engagement and rewards.

-Sending personalized swag and offering work from home stipends through and Hoppier are examples of ways people managers can overcome the barriers to engagement that remote work brings with it 

-Whether choosing a selection of items to send to your employees, or choosing which type of stipend might benefit them the most, you have to consider your company culture, and the specific employee! Sometimes a gift that appeals to an employee’s family means as much as a gift for the employee themself.

“Your employees’ families should be your families. We’re all in this together.”

Jeremy Parker

-When setting aside a budget for appreciation and rewards, think about use cases and specific events you want to address to work backwards towards a number. This works better than coming up with an arbitrary sum, especially if you want to personalize the way you engage with employees. 

“Appreciate the small wins. Show your team you care about their personal milestones as well. Showing appreciation really goes a long way.” 

Jeremy Parker

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