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Our Favorite Custom Notebooks for #GetOrganizedWeek

The first week in October is always recognized as “National Get Organized Week,” a time to get your life in order and prioritize the many projects you’ve been juggling.

Nothing helps you stay organized more than pen and paper at the end of the day. Even as the number of software companies dedicated to task management and calendar sharing proliferate, an old-fashioned notebook is still our favorite way to stay on top of it all. There’s something irreplaceable about the heft and feel of a nice notebook that makes us want to carry them around– and take their contents seriously! 

Here are our picks for the top custom notebooks you can offer to clients or employees in order to associate that feeling with your brand, and keep everyone on the same page: 

Pocket-sized custom notebooks

These are the best tiny notebooks, recommended for folks on the go. 

The Knoxville

Mini Moscow

The Syndey

The Wilson

Custom notebooks that fit in a bookbag

The perfect size to take to meetings, or take on the bus.

The Moscow

Viva Las Vegas

The San Jose

New Haven Notebook

Large custom notebooks 

Heavy-duty notebooks to build out those big ideas on paper. 

Eco Oakland

Spiral Notebook

Westgate Notebook

“Green” custom notebooks that are environmentally friendly

Keep your thoughts organized and the planet healthy!

The Eco Fontana

The Eco Frisco

The Eco Spiral

Fancy custom notebooks to make a big impact  

These notebooks turn heads and stand the test of time.

The Buffalo

Dayton Notebook

Shinola Hardcover

Moleskin Leather

Even in 2020 the power of handwritten notes and reminders remains supreme. Which notebooks will you use to help your team stay organized this #GetOrganizedWeek?