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Swag Founder Jeremy Parker Featured in Managed by Q

Managed by Q, a workplace solution provider, recently featured the founder Jeremy Parker on their blog. Jeremy discussed his tips for selecting the most effective branded products, to help build connection with your team and customers.

The article goes on to explore how picking quality products is one of the key factors in finding successful promotional items. Jeremy discusses with Managed by Q, that you should also narrow your options when picking promotional products and keep your selection to items that can help reinforce your brand.

The Managed by Q article also discusses how the most effective promotional items for your team are typically identified through discussion with your own staff about what they want and need.

Jeremy also discusses how you should think ‘outside the t-shirt’ and select items that will leave a lasting impression. Finally, the last tip discusses the benefits of planning ahead well in advance.

Read all of the tips on how to pick the best promotional Swag via the Managed by Q blog: