The Best Corporate Gifts for Employees

Building a healthy culture in your organization begins with showing employees the love and recognition they deserve. While this takes many forms, offering gifts for employees is a fun and humanizing way to go beyond the traditional company benefits that demonstrate genuine appreciation. 

It can be hard to know which gift options will be right for your employees. After all, there are so many different types. And wouldn’t it be easier to simply hand out gift cards anyway? Business gifting is more of an art than a science— but, you can always draw some inspiration from the gifters-in-chief here at! 

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We’ve pulled together some good info on the best gifts for employees, so you can start thinking about what you might want to send out to your teams. 

What are some of the most popular corporate gifts for employees?

Gifts for employees take many forms, but there are certainly a handful of gift categories that have proven to be the most popular over the years:


Mugs, tumblers, water bottles and glassware are perennial favorites for employees who want a way to rep their company. Drinkware has the added benefit of being useful in addition to stylish, making it a great choice as a gift for employees.

Custom Apparel

Hoodies, t-shirts, hats and more are always in demand as gifts for employees. These items display company pride, and make teams feel like a part of something bigger than themselves. Not to mention, they make for great photoshoot opportunities! 

Branded Tech Items

Custom tech is a hot ticket gift that is sure to get people talking around the water cooler. Our favorite gifts in the category include bluetooth speakers, headphones, item trackers and more. As a rule, the more useful the gift, the more it will be treasured!


Blankets are one of those gifts where you would never think you need one until someone gives it to you! We carry a huge variety of blankets, ranging from light and portable to weighted and cozy.


Small gifts for the house go a long way if they are thoughtful and tasteful. Corporate gifts for the home have to walk a fine line, and we always encourage people to come down on the side of subtlety when it comes to these types of presents.

Unique Gifts

People are constantly asking us to recommend gifts that are unique for their employees. Branded gifts that surprise and delight usually have a bigger impact than run of the mill ones. Here’s some of our faves. 

Sweet Treats

Let’s face it. People love treats. Candy, chocolate, fruit, you name it. Sweet treats are always a home run gift, and we have a great selection of offerings that you can easily add your own logo and branding to. 

Gift Sets

Want to go all out when you make your next gift for employees? Consider a custom gift set, which you can make by visiting the swag in a box page! Combine any number of great items, customize them with your artwork, and package them in a box to be sent directly to your employees’ doors. It’s that simple!

We hope you enjoyed this list of some great items that might inspire you to find the perfect gift for your employees. 

If you are interested in speaking with us about any gifting ideas you might have, feel free to fill out the form below and one of our expert swag representatives will be in contact as soon as possible!