Anna Vander Wall from Total Retail has a chat with Jeremy Parker, the founder of, about passionate entrepreneurship and of focusing on consumers’ core needs.

From how it works with big brands such as creating custom promotional products for Facebook, Google,, WeWork, Microsoft, Harry’s, Starbucks, Netflix, and more, Jeremy talks about his creative and entrepreneurial roots, such as previous start-ups like a high-end T-shirt line and gaining press during turbulent market climates and how this developed into an insight into the promotional products industry which has a lot of players in the space, but no clear winner.

From this, aims to give users a better option for buying promotional products online, making it easier to get quality branded promotional products that people will actually want to keep and via an easy to use platform that they will want to use again. Two years on, the site has built a stronger customer experience and the interview talks about how has maintained the quality focus, noting that “Over 95 percent of the products we tested didn’t make the cut. We also offer unique, quality items not traditionally found in the promo industry from brands like Bellroy Bags, Knomo London, and Incase.” And that “people no longer want to buy throwaway promotional products. Doing so not only costs your company money, as no one will use it, but it also tarnishes your brand — the exact opposite of your intention.”

Find out more about Swag and co-founder Jeremy Parker, what inspired him to his current entrepreneurial mentality, favorite books and some advice for entrepreneurs to be, at Total Retail –