why you need us.

Swag with benefits

A United company culture

Companies feel a sense of pride and unity when wearing their company logos — fact! Make your organization feel more like a team.

Affordable marketing

Compared to other forms of media, like television and radio, swag is affordable and effective. 57% of people recall the advertiser on a mug, versus 32% on radio and 28% on tv.

Creates new leads

52% of participants given a promotional item developed a working relationship with the company promoting. The remaining 48% of participants expressed an interest in future business.

Stand out

Turn your customers into brand evangelists and help push your message out there. Every item used, seen and loved is a positive reinforcement of your brand.


Quality matters

Here’s the thing, low quality is throwaway. If you purchase poor products you’re essentially rubbishing your brand. We’re only offering top notch swag so your brand will shine.