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25 Amazing Gifts for Employees and Why They Rock

Gifts for employees aren’t always the easiest items to come up with. There are so many factors to consider when choosing gifts for employees— it can easily become overwhelming to choose the right ones!

While it is difficult to choose, the benefits of giving gifts for employees are huge! You’ll be able to boost employee engagement, demonstrate appreciation for hard work, and generally develop a healthy company culture. 

Luckily, your friends at are here to help. We have tons of amazing products that you can customize into wonderful gifts for employees. From wellness gifts, to custom apparel and custom tech, we’re sure we have something perfect for every member of your team. And with our ability to create custom swag boxes and handle the distribution of items anywhere you need, it’s easy to turn employee gifting into a memorable experience. Whether you just want to shop for custom blankets or talk to our team of experts, we can help you get started on your swag and gifting journey!

So without further ado, let’s hop into our list of the best items you can turn into gifts for employees!

*Note that all price ranges account for differences in customization options and order quantities!

Tech Gifts For Employees

Painted Apple Airpods

These customized earbuds are some of the most in-demand products we offer at With the ability to fully customize the paint job on each of the buds and their charging case, you can create the ultimate branded gift that will delight any recipient. 

Perfect for: Celebrating employee anniversaries, or going above and beyond to reward hard work.

Price: $447.13 to $488.51

Sonos One Speaker

The Sonos One is the ultimate in smart speaker technology that still delivers on the audio quality you’d expect from a top brand like Sonos. With deep bass, driving mids and a crisp treble, the Sonos one is the top of the line when it comes to smart speakers. 

Perfect for: Luxury gifts that celebrate meeting quarterly goals, smashing sales records or otherwise crushing it all around!

Price: $303.09 to $329.34

JBL Go 2 Speaker

Whether you’re on the beach or doing a little bit of gardening in the backyard, having a sturdy, durable and high-performing bluetooth speaker will make your day better. JBL makes this awesome model at a great price point. We can add custom artwork to make it really stand out. 

Perfect for: Company-wide gifts that people will actually want to keep! Also great for audiophiles with outdoor tendencies.

Price: $55.64 to $80.80

Lume Cube Video Light

The Lume Cube is the ultimate tool for WFH warriors that want to improve their at-home lighting for video meetings. This device easily clips onto your computer and provides gentle lighting that makes virtual communication easier and more comfortable. A must-have for fully remote teams. 

Perfect for: WFH teams that need to stay connected in many different situations. 

Price: $88.80 to $100.33

3-in-1 Mobile Lens

Help your employees take their phone-photography skills to the next level! This kit of three separate, attachable lenses comes in a convenient carrying kit to which you can affix your logo. Works on any phone with a rear-facing camera lens. 

Perfect for: Adding a fun gift into the mix during a company picnic.

Price: $9.61 to $12.36

Custom Apparel Gifts for Employees Socks

A simple and fun item that never fails to get people excited. Customize these socks down to the very last stitch, adding your own artwork over every inch. Unisex sizing makes it easy to ensure you have the correct amount of product for every member of your team. 

Perfect for: A nice pick-me-up gift for everyone in the office, just to say you appreciate the dedication and hard work!

Price: $10.40 to $21.50 Zipup

Looking for the most comfortable version of the classic start-up must-have? Well you’ve found it! Coming in a variety of colors, this is the best office hoodie you can find, and we’re sure there’s a perfect match for your company’s unique branding. 

Perfect for: Welcoming new employees, or sparking engagement for everyone on the existing team!

Price: $31.50 to $60.73

Marine Layer ¼ Zip

If you want a luxe gift for employees so they can show off some company pride in style, this awesome Marine Layer zip jacket is a good option. The fit is athletic enough that you can work it out in it, but comfortable enough that you’ll want to wear it everywhere you go. 

Perfect for: A holiday gift for your employees, or as a way to boost engagement in your wellness program.

Price: $69.52 to $110.75

Custom Blue Light Glasses

Blue light glasses have proven to be effective at blocking the circadian rhythm-disrupting blue light that is emitted from electronics like computers and smartphones. You can customize the color of these, and add your logo for a gift for employees that makes a wellness impact.

Perfect for: Rounding out a WFH kit, or office wellness kit. These should be made available to any employees who spend significant time in front of a screen.

Price: $4.46 to $7.28

Office Gifts for Employees


The one, the only, the classic! Popsockets make using your smartphone waay easier— especially for folks with smaller hands. These customizable popsockets make great gifts for employees that they’ll actually want to use day in and day out. 

Perfect for: A for-no-reason gift that will boost spirits around the office! Also good to have a few in the swag closet in case you need to hook up a client or new employee. 

Price: $7.49 to $9.08

Snack Care Package

When hunger strikes, you’d better be prepared. Get ahead of the cravings by sending your team a deluxe box of snacks that they will appreciate any time of day. Keep a stack of them in the office, or go the extra mile to send a box to employees while they’re WFH!

Perfect for: Surprising WFH employees with the kinds of amenities that they’ve come to expect in the office. 

Price: $33.41 to $40.76

The San Jose

A sleek lined notebook is an essential office staple that will always be in demand among employees. The San Jose is a prime example of a simple, cost-effective notebook that you can stock up on for gifts or giveaway swag. Great for both internal and external giving. 

Perfect for: Gifting employees all the tools they need to be successful. Consider sending as part of an onboarding kit of WFH package. 

Price: $10.21 to $30.36

Olanta Mug

Office mugs are gifts for employees that go over well whether you’re in a physical HQ or everyone is working from home. The Olanta mug is a modern ceramic design with a two-tone color scheme reminiscent of the hippest of coffee shops. Add your logo for the full effect. 

Perfect for: Day-one gifts that are left on new hires’ desks, or reaching WFH employees who need a little reminder of what office life is like.

Price: $7.79 to $55.99

Petite Zebra Plant

Nothing spruces up a working space like a succulent! This Zebra plant comes delivered in a gorgeous ceramic pot that you can brand with your own logo or artwork. Instructions for care are also provided— so you can rest assured that everyone will have what it takes to keep this lil’ guy alive. 

Perfect for: Adding some zing to a workspace, whether it’s in the office or helping people make their WFH setup a little more fun. 

Price: $37.01 to $50.39

On the Go Gifts for Employees

Timbuk2 Spire 2.0

Custom company backpacks rank among the most popular swag items that employees want from their organizations, and the Timbuk2 Spire 2.0 certainly tops the list in terms of quality. This bag has the utility needed to be perfect for commuting and weekend trips, while retaining the classic style Timbuk2 has come to be known for. 

Perfect for: Gifts for employees who are preparing to enter the physical office after a long WFH period. 

Price: $103.26 to $121.50

Ascolour Flight Bag

Sling bags are all the rage, and for good reason. The Ascolour Flight bag represents the best of what these minimal and utilitarian products can be: it’s stylish, useful and most importantly small enough that you can almost forget you’re carrying it around!

Perfect for: Gifts for employees when you host a company picnic, outing or retreat. These bags were made for travelers. 

Price: $17.28 to $42.34

Ascent Waterbottle

A high-quality waterbottle is must have swag for the office. The Ascent is one of the finest we offer in terms of quality, aesthetic and price point. With a pretty powder coating and a double-walled insulating design, you can be sure that this bottle will be a hit gift to any employee lucky enough to receive it. 

Perfect for: Promoting a wellness campaign, sending a morale booster to WFH employees, or celebrating an anniversary at work. 

Price: $18.59 to $66.79

Ember Travel Mug

Have you ever wanted a travel mug that could keep your beverages warm? What about one that connects to your smart device via bluetooth? Welcome to the future. The Ember Travel mug does all of this, making it one of the coolest travel gifts we’ve ever seen. 

Perfect for: Celebrating big work anniversaries, company milestones or any other big event that deserves deluxe gifts for employees. 

Price: $219.95

Haswell Cotton Tote

Tote bags make great gifts for employees because they promote your brand while serving a functional purpose. Equip your team members with the perfect farmers’ market tote— the Haswell Cotton. Add your own logo and artwork to make this a standout gift your employees will use every weekend.

Perfect for: Including in onboarding kits, giving away as a one-off treat and stuffing with more swag as part of a thank-you campaign for employees. 

Price: $3.95 to $14.75

Touch Free Safety Tool

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, many are reevaluating how they remain sanitary when out in public. These small tools allow you to open doors, interact with touch screens and more without ever having to physically touch things. Comes in three different colors, and available to print your logo on the side. 

Perfect for: Gifts for employees as they return to the physical office.

Price: $1.94 to $2.98

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Wellness Gifts for Employees

Alo Moves Membership

Alo Moves is a collection of virtually-led classes and workouts that can be accessed at any time with a membership. If your team is fully remote, this is a great way to promote wellness even as people are confined to their homes. Comes with a great boxed presentation that turns this gifting into a full experience!

Perfect for: Promoting employee wellness even when the team is fully remote. 

Price: $98.00

FitBit Inspire HR Tracker

The device that started the 10,000 steps trend! FitBit is the ultimate way to keep track of your fitness goals, and with the ability to track heart rate, it can also make sure your employees are working making the most of their cardiovascular health. Comes in a variety of colors and sizes, and you can add your company logo directly on the device. 

Perfect for: Boosting your employee wellness program, or giving a meaningful gift to the more fitness minded members of your team. 

Price: $159.94 to $171.60

Custom Yoga Mat

As folks began settling into a WFH routine, digital yoga classes exploded in popularity as employers looked for new ways to promote wellness among their team even at home. You can take your commitment to health to the next level by offering customized yoga mats to go along with any virtual workout class you might charter for your employees. Comes in a few great colors, and looks awesome with your logo embossed on the top!

Perfect for: Completing an at-home wellness package that sets up team members to participate in virtual workout classes. 

Price: $15.61 to $21.43 Facemask

Facemasks seem like they will remain the norm for some time to come, so get ahead of the curve and supply customized versions to your employees upon their return to the office. Our version contains a sturdy cotton build that allows for a carbon filter insert. Oh, and most importantly they come in tons of great colors!

Perfect for: Gift sets for employees that are planning to re-enter the office. Include in a kit with hand sanitizer, UV sanitizing lights and more. 

Price: $11.54 to $17.16

EOS Lip Balm

The cutest and most satisfying lip balm is now available for you to customize for your teams. EOS makes one of the most pure lip balms you can find on the market: 95% organic, 100% natural, and paraben and petrolatum free. Comes in several customizable colors. 

Perfect for: Stocking the office cupboard with fun treats, or sending to WFH employees as part of a wellness package. 

Price: $4.67 to $11.64

These are just a few ideas of what gifts for employees we think will be a home run for any team. If you’re looking to boost employee engagement, raise morale, or simply mark an important milestone in your company, reach out via the form below and one of our expert swag representatives will reach out to chat about how we can execute your swag vision.