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75 Company Swag Ideas That People Will Love In 2024

Great company swag has the potential to engage, delight and endear: the trick is finding products people will actually want to keep! Here are our favorite company swag ideas for 2024.

Company Swag Ideas for Every Occasion

In 2024 and beyond, organizations will continue to search for creative ways to connect customers and employees to their brand — and rely on great company swag more than ever. Whether you’re searching for branded client gifts, employee apparel, new hire presents or something else, you’ve come to the right place.

Swag provides a physical connection between people and brand that is so important in this era of social distancing, remote work and hybrid business models. Great swag has the potential to engage, delight and endear: the trick is finding products people will actually want to keep!

Lucky for you, the Swag team is here to make it simple and exciting! We’ve compiled a list of our favorite products, as well as items we know people have been loving over the last few months.

From onboarding kits for new remote hires to luxury tech gifts for top clients, we have a bit of everything. Whatever it is you’re looking for, makes it easy to shop, store and ship your swag anywhere around the globe. Keep reading or jump directly to the right swag idea for you:

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What is company swag?

Company swag refers to promotional items or merchandise that a company gives away to promote its brand or products. This could include items such as t-shirts, hats, water bottles, pens, stickers, keychains, or any other type of branded item that a company might give away or sell to customers, employees, or other stakeholders.

Swag is often used as a marketing tool to build brand awareness and loyalty. Companies may give swag to customers as a reward for a purchase or as a way to thank them for their loyalty. They may also use swag as a way to attract new customers, especially at trade shows or other events where they can give away promotional items to people who stop by their booth.

Employees may also receive company swag as part of their employment package, or as a way to recognize their achievements or milestones. Swag can help build company culture and team spirit, and it can also be a fun and creative way to promote a company’s brand.

1. Remote Employee Swag Kits

Onboarding new talent in a remote work world is challenging. New remote employees can easily feel disconnected and isolated from their coworkers and the company without a physical office.

Designing a meaningful onboarding kit chalked full of thoughtfully chosen items is essential to helping employees feel like a part of something real!

We can help you customize products that make working from home comfortable while instilling a sense of pride in your brand. Our great selection of custom apparel, WFH accessories and custom tech give you full control to make new employees’ first experience with your company a good one. Our Swag distribution platform lets you design fully custom onboarding kits down to the boxes they come in. We can store them until you’re ready, then ship them to as many addresses as you need, whenever you want. 

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2. Work From Home Accessories

Working from home has its pros and cons. Make the pros a little easier to take advantage of by gifting swag that helps to organize, compartmentalize and smooth out the WFH experience. Outfitting the WFH workstation is a key element of successfully managing the work / life balance.

The San Jose Notebook

Note taking is alive and well, even in our digital age. This sturdy custom branded notebook is made from high quality recycled paper and features an attractive binding that comes in many different colors. A useful elastic strap will keep it securely closed on those trips from the living room to the office.

Carrara Desktop Set

Carrara Desktop Set

This custom desk set is a classy way to help your remote employees maintain a sense of order in their WFH setup. It comes in a faux-marble finish onto which you can print your logo.

Cable Quack Organizer

Cable Quack Organizer

This cable organizer can be the difference between sanity and the mental breakdown that comes from accidentally tripping over your laptop charger and knocking it onto the floor. It’s a small WFH accessory with a huge impact.

Custom Mouse Pad

Custom Mouse Pad

A custom mouse pad is essential for the home office, or any office for that matter. Give your remote employees a high-quality version that you can customize with your unique color scheme and artwork.

Rechargeable LED Selfie Light Ring

Rechargeable LED Selfie Light Ring

This is a must have for making virtual meetings and web calls bearable. This tech accessory provides a gentle front light so your remote employees can look their best on camera.

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3. Wellness and Fitness Swag

Promoting employee wellness is critical—it shows that you care about the well-being of your team and helps with productivity, too! Demonstrate your commitment to wellness by offering swag to make prioritizing health easier.

Fitbit Versa 2 Watch

Fitbit Versa 2 Watch

The Fitbit Versa 2 Fitness Watch will elevate every movement. Use your voice to create alarms, set bedtime Reminders or check the weather with Amazon Alexa built-in. Take your look from the gym to the office with its modern and versatile design.

Custom Yune Yoga Mat

Custom Yune Yoga Mat shown rolled up with another open underneath

Virtual yoga sessions and other virtual wellness classes are all the more exciting when you can get your sweat on using branded equipment. Fully customize this product, and keep it clean with a slick carrying case.

Jog Strap Plus

Jog Strap Plus shown at an angle with an example design

Virtual running clubs among remote teams have proven a popular activity for team building while maintaining social distance. Equip your remote employees for success with a phone case that gives them the freedom to work out unencumbered.

7” Frisbee

Customizable 7” Frisbee

Sometimes, a simple piece of equipment is all that’s needed to stay fit and spend time outdoors. The 7” Frisbee is a classic piece of swag—perfect for any wellness kit. Grab it in one of six colors, add your branding or logos, and you’re good to go.

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4. Self Care Swag

Self care is going to be crucial in 2024. Show your remote employees and customers you want them to treat themselves by gifting high quality custom items geared at relaxing, pampering and unwinding.

Custom Sleep Mask

Custom Sleep Mask

What could be more important than ensuring that your clients, customers, or employees get their much-needed beauty sleep? This plush custom sleep mask allows you to give the wonderful gift of peaceful Z’s.

Custom EOS Lip Balm

Custom EOS Lip Balm

Chapstick is one of those things you don’t need until you do. When your team does, make sure they have the best with EOS’ natural and organic lip balm. Customize the color and logo to your preference.

Miko Shiatsu Foot Massager

Miko Shiatsu Foot Massager shown from the top

What’s better than a good foot massage? A good foot massage any time you want! We absolutely love this unique wellness gift, and so will your employees. With heat, deep kneading and a host of other features, this machine will make a big impression.

Mini Personal Mister

Mini Personal Mister in White

What’s more helpful on a hot day than a mini personal mister on-hand at all times? This is a perfect budget-conscious solution for ball games, outdoor events, and so much more to keep you feeling cool and refreshed. And because of its Push Button Technology, it never requires batteries!

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5. Phone Accessories Swag

Cell phones are a part of nearly everyone’s daily carry. Whether used for business, keeping in touch with family and friends, or surfing the internet, our cell phones have become integral to our lives. These customizable phone accessories are perfect for those who are constantly on their phones and who want to get the most out of them.

Phone & Tablet Stand

Phone & Tablet Stand

It might seem simple, but a minimal stand for your phone or tablet is actually an extremely useful item that people will end up using all of the time. This makes it an idea gift for an audience who you’d like to remain top of mind with.

Custom PopSocket

PopSocket shown with "your logo here" on the top

PopSockets are a well-known and loved phone accessory. They stick flat to the back of a phone, tablet or case. PopSockets double as both a stand for taking photos or viewing your phone out of your hand, and as a handle for keeping your phone in your hand.

Pivo Pod

Pivo Pod phone holder and tracker shown with 3 people taking a selfie

Let your clients turn their smartphones into a camera crew with the Pivo Pod. The device features auto-tracking to ensure you’re always in view and never ruining a perfect take again. The Pivo Pod is ideal for vloggers, live streamers, influencers, and more.

RFID Phone Wallet

RFID Phone Wallet shown with space for logo decoration

The RFID Phone Wallet conveniently attaches to the back of your phone, allows you to carry cards in the pockets, and the best part is: It keeps all your personal information protected! Get this handy accessory in one of five bold colors.

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6. Travel Swag

Travel products are the perfect swag because people will actually use them even though they might not buy them for themselves. These custom travel products make commuting, as well as longer trips a breeze.

Trek Tech Bag

Trek Tech Bag shown open with tech items inside

Don’t let cords, cables and headphones take over your bag! This attractive case is a perfect way to stay organized on the go with mesh pockets and velcro straps to hold all of your gear. Apply a logo using heat transfer to remind folks who made their lives easier!

High Sierra 24″ Duffle Bag

High Sierra 24" Duffle Bag shown from the side lengthwise

This bag can be carried as a duffel or a backpack. This versatile duffel is made from durable and lightweight coated water resistant fabric. Organize your belongings easily in the large main compartment, interior zippered mesh pocket and front zippered accessory pocket!

Bellroy Classic Backpack

Bellroy Classic Backpack shown from the front with an example logo

The Bellroy Classic Backpack is perfect for the urban adventurer who wants a dependable bag for everyday use. Enjoy plenty of storage space with a zippered front pocket, internal mesh zip pocket and a water-resistant top pocket for small phones and keys.

Landon Tech Bag

Landon Tech Bag shown open with tech accessories inside and lying on a table

Keep all of your tech accessories organized with an attractive rollup organizer reminiscent of a chef’s knife roll. We offer it in denim or black finish with leather trim that leaves a luxurious impression.

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7. Eco-Friendly Swag

Taking action to protect the health of the planet means being conscious about what type of products you consume. We source a ton of environmentally-friendly swag that you can gift being confident they have a lower impact on the earth.

Recycled Cotton Tote Bag

Recycled Cotton Tote Bag shown with an example logo on the front

Sturdy, sleek and eco-friendly, this recycled tote is sure to stand out as one of the most useful pieces of swag you can give. It’s made from the leftover trimmings of cotton and polyester from a garment factory.

Aviana 4 Pack Reusable Straw Set

Aviana 4 Pack Reusable Straw Set shown next to their carrying pouch and cleaner

Plastic straws are a thing of the past. Step into the green future with a set of four metal reusable straws, complete with their own carrying case. These are easy to clean and transportable, making them a purse staple for years to come.

Bamboo Cutting Board

Bamboo Cutting Board shown with cheese, crackers, olives, and food on top

You might not immediately think of a cutting board as swag, but it can be great for your home cook clients and employees! As a bonus, you can schedule virtual cooking classes!

Recycled Pocket Journal

Recycled Pocket Journal shown from front with an example logo

Made of post-consumer recycled fabrics, this Recycled Pocket Journal features a RPET cover with recycled leather front pocket for storing documents, smartphone, etc. Includes back document pocket.

Our Favorite Eco-Friendly Promotional Products for 2024

8. Custom Bluetooth Speakers

This is a perfect example of the type of swag people actually want to keep. Our collection runs the gambit from smaller clip-on speakers to luxury speakers that deliver unparalleled sound quality. Find something perfect for your audience!

Brick Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Brick Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker shown at an angle

With a 6-watt output and weighing just about 1 lb., this waterproof speaker is perfect for the pool, hikes, or house parties. Add this to your corporate gifting repertoire today for all your music lovers!

JBL Clip 4 Speaker

JBL Clip 4 Speaker in Black

Cool, portable, and waterproof. The vibrant fresh looking JBL Clip 4 delivers surprisingly rich JBL Original Pro Sound in a compact package. The unique oval shape fits easy in your hand so it is perfect for being on the go!

Hillside Bluetooth Speaker

Hillside Bluetooth Speaker with an example logo on front side

Print your artwork bold and bright on the front face of this powerful little device. Cover the entire speaker grill with custom artwork to create swag that impresses aesthetically and performs mechanically.

Convex Bluetooth Speaker

Convex Bluetooth Speaker front view

Turn any mobile device into a portable sound system with this speaker that has a built-in subwoofer that provides exceptional quality sound. It’s easy to connect and has an operating range of 10 meters.

9. Custom Headphones and Custom Earbuds

For remote employees, having high quality headphones are an essential component of making the WFH office successful. We’ve rounded up the best over-ear custom headphones, as well as custom earbuds here.

Apple Airpods

Apple Airpods shown in case

Add a pop of color to classic AirPods. These Painted Apple AirPods give you the option to select pantone colors for a truly unique look. Choose between the classic AirPods, AirPods with a wireless case, AirPods Pro, or AirPods 3. As far as unique corporate gift ideas go, it doesn’t get much better than AirPods.

Skullcandy Indy Wireless Earbuds

Two Skullcandy Indy Wireless Earbuds shown with their case

The Skullcandy Indy Earbuds provide up to 24hrs of playback time. These wireless buds feature rapid charge which provides 2hrs of playback time with only a 10 minute charge! In one hour the case and earbuds can be fully charged.

Urbanista Los Angeles Headphones

Urbanista Los Angeles Headphones shown at an angle

The world’s first self-charging wireless headphones powered by Powerfoyle solar cell material, these bluetooth and noise-cancelling headphones charge when exposed to light! Compatible with both iOS and Android, they can also be used with Siri and Google Voice Assistant.

JBL Tune Headphones

JBL Tune Headphones

The JBL Tune Headphones let you stream powerful JBL Pure Bass sound with no strings attached. Easy to use, these headphones provide up to 40 hours of pure pleasure and an extra 2 hours of battery with just 5 minutes of power.

Full Collection: Custom Branded Speakers & Headphones

10. Phone Chargers and Power Banks

Everyone needs a solid power bank to take with them outside the house. Ditto for a nice charging station they can use for their phone. We’ve got you covered for both and offer customization options that will elevate your selections.

Sleek Aluminum Power Bank

Sleek Aluminum Power Bank shown with an example logo on front

The Bullet Sleek Aluminum 4000 mAh Powerbank is a rechargeable lithium polymer Grade A battery device capable of charging smartphones, tablets, and a multitude of mobile devices with a total output of 5V/2A.

Mophie 5,000 MAh Power Bank

Mophie 5,000 MAh Power Bank shown with example digital print on front

This is a powerful bank that has the capacity to fill multiple phone batteries completely on a single charge. You’ll be able to quickly refresh your phone with its 10,000 mAh capability. Screenprint your logo on the front.

Orbit Wireless Custom Charging Pad

Two Orbit Wireless Custom Charging Pads shown with example logos

This wireless Qi enabled charging pad lets you fill up enabled devices without plugging in a single cord. A small LED light on the perimeter of the device lets you know when your device is charging.

Walnut Qi Charger

Walnut Qi Charger with an example logo shown on top

For a more luxe approach to the charging swag game, go with this custom QI charger that features a real walnut wood finish. We can even laser engrave your logo to complete the handcrafted look.

Full Collection: Custom Branded Tech Swag

11. Custom Hoodies and Jackets

Custom apparel only works to promote your brand if people actually want to wear the swag you give them! This is especially true of jackets and hoodies. Here are some of our comfiest, most stylish custom hoodies and custom jackets people will love to wear.

Bella+Canvas Unisex Sponge Fleece Zip Hoodie

Bella Unisex Sponge Fleece Zip Hoodie shown in Team Purple on a male model

This is a classic and bestseller from This comfy custom hoodie comes in several colors and unisex sizing. We can screenprint in several areas of the hoodie and offer embroideries in some others.

Marine Layer Men’s Afternoon Zip-Up Hoodie

The Marine Layer Men's Zip-Up Hoodie shown on a model

This lightweight, durable, and absurdly soft hoodie is a best seller. It’s made from Marine Layer’s signature sustainable fabric blend of Supima Cotton and Micromodal. This hoodie is also available in a women’s cut/fit.

Charles River Men’s Rain Jacket

Charles River Men's Rain Jacket shown on a male model

Wind & waterproof with heat sealed seams for weather protection, this men’s rain jacket has a 2-way zipper for freedom of movement and a full length wind flap for protection from the elements. This jacket is also available in a women’s cut/fit.

The North Face Women’s Sweater Fleece Jacket

The North Face Women's Sweater Fleece Jacket in Medium Grey Heather on a model

Plush fleece and sturdy construction combine in this warm, soft and stylish jacket. It’s great outdoors and in, and with our custom embroidery options you can be sure it will leave an impression no matter where it’s spotted. This jacket is also available in a unisex cut/fit.

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12. Custom Outdoor Jackets and Rainshells

For those working outdoors or in rainy climates. High-quality outdoor wear makes a big difference when you need it. Ensure you give the best if your remote employees are braving the elements.

Champion Unisex Quarter-Zip Anorak Jacket

Champion Unisex Quarter-Zip Anorak Jacket shown on a male model

The Champion Adult Packable Anorak 1/4 Zip Jacket is wind- and rain-resistant with adjustable bungee draw cords at the hood and the bottom hem. Roll it into an internal pouch for easy storage!

Columbia Women’s Waterproof Jacket

Columbia Women's Waterproof Jacket shown on a model

Waterproof, windproof and still breathable. This is a perfect outer layer to make hiking in any conditions bearable. We offer logo printing on the front and back, as well as the shoulders on either side. This jacket is also available in a men’s cut/fit.

Ogio Unisex Soft Shell Jacket

Ogio Unisex Soft Shell Jacket shown on a male model with women's cut shown on a female model

This is a bit in-between an indoor and outdoor jacket. It’s warm enough to be worn in windstorms, but not so hot you couldn’t wear it while working at your desk. This jacket is also available in a women’s cut/fit.

Eddie Bauer Unisex Soft Shell Jacket

Eddie Bauer Unisex Soft Shell Jacket shown on a male model

Eddie Bauer knows jackets. Keep your team safe from wind and water with this breathable three-layered jacket that’s at home when it’s outdoors. Comes in four great colors with the option to add your logo via embroidery. This jacket is also available in a women’s cut/fit.

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13. Custom Blankets for Cuddling Up

Due to nights in being the new nights out, everyone is in need of a good blanket to hit the couch with. Help your people out by perusing our vast selection of customizable blankets ranging from soft and light to heavy and swaddling.

MadeHere NY Blanket

MadeHere NY Blanket folded with an example logo on it

Bring an elegant and useful item into your employees’ lives with a custom MadeHere NY Blanket. It works as an attractive throw as well as it does for napping.

Custom Gravity Weighted Blanket

Custom Gravity Weighted Blanket folded

Gravity blankets have been all the rage for their ability to help people sleep better. We offer three different weights so you can choose the right ones for your teams. Gift the ability to sleep well and watch moods soar!

Field & Co Picnic Blanket

Field & Co Picnic Blanket folded

Encourage safe socially distant outdoor activities with the gift of a branded picnic blanket. This model is large, packable and comes with a built-in handle to make taking it back and forth from the car a breeze.

District Re-Fleece Blanket

District Re-Fleece Blanket shown open with an example logo in the corner

The District Re-Fleece Blanket is a blanket that’s perfect for cozying up on a cold night. This warm, soft blanket utilizes reclaimed materials that might otherwise end up in a landfill. It’s made of 55% recycled cotton, 39% post-consumer recycled polyester, and 6% recycled rayon.

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14. Coffee Based Gifts

Everybody needs a little boost now and then. Make the daily cup of joe feel like an extra special ritual by gifting swag designed to elevate the coffee experience. Cream and sugar are, unfortunately, not included.

S’well 12 Oz. Can Cooler

S'well 12 Oz. Can Cooler shown in Teakwood

For when you’re on the go, this can cooler features Therma-S’well Technology and triple-layered, vacuum-insulated construction, designed to keep beverages cold for up to 6 hours.

Miir Coffee Canister

Miir Coffee Canister shown in-hand

Real aficionados will tell you that the most important part of good homebrew is the quality of the beans. This MiiR canister will keep beans fresh using accordion-style sealing technology to create an absolutely airtight seal.

Chocolate Espresso

Chocolate Espresso in bag with logo in front

When you have coffee you have to have a little treat on the side. It’s mandatory. Double down by gifting these decadent espresso beans covered in dark chocolate. Perfect for stuffing into a customized mug.


Biscotti packaged with example logo in front

Complete a coffee kit with the ultimate coffee pairing. These biscotti are baked fresh for every order and come with the ability to customize the packaging they’re wrapped in.

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15. Custom Drinkware (Custom Mugs, Custom Waterbottles and more)

Mugs, water bottles, and other branded drink ware have become standard swag for companies. To help you stand out, we’ve curated a selection of the highest-quality versions of these products to get your employees and customers sipping in style.

Olanta 12 Oz. Mug

Olanta 12 Ounce Mug shown from side with handle

The Olanta mug looks like it belongs in a fancy hipster coffee shop, which makes it perfect to give as surprisingly quality swag. Its stoneware finish provides a subtle layer of class to the morning cup of joe.

Asobu 12 Oz. Clarity Glass Mug

Asobu 12 Ounce Clarity Glass Mug shown from the side with handle

The Asobu clarity mug is a double walled glass design that is as pretty as it is functional. It will keep drinks hot or cold longer than a traditional ceramic mug, and offer a pleasing visual accent to the countertop in the process.

Custom Yeti 20 Oz. Rambler Tumbler

Custom Yeti 20 Ounce Rambler Tumbler shown with example logo on front

Yeti makes some of the best drinkware products on the market. This tumbler is a classic design that will outperform almost any other thermos you can find! We offer it in three colorways and laser engrave your logo into the metal.

Swag 17 Oz. Water Bottle

Swag Customizable 17 Oz. Water Bottle

The perfect water bottle for event giveaways, onboarding kits or any other swag needs 2022 throws at you. You can order this model in over 10 colors, and upload up to 3 pieces of your artwork to be screen printed on it.

Full Collection: Custom Branded Drinkware

16. Luxury Custom Swag

Sometimes, sending a pen and water bottle won’t quite be enough to make an impression. When you need to gift elite clients and C-level employees, luxury products branded to represent your company can go a long way in building appreciation.

Theragun Elite Lightweight Massager

Theragun Elite Lightweight Massage Tool

The Theragun Elite is a cutting-edge wellness product designed to help relieve muscle tension. Think of it as a smart massager that has variable speeds and even an app that can help guide sessions and control the device’s movements.

STIO Men’s Azura Jacket

STIO Men's Azura Jacket shown on model

The men’s STIO Azura Jacket 60g of PrimaLoft Gold Eco recycled insulation, giving it top-notch thermal efficiency. The STIO Azura comes in a custom quilt pattern. This jacket and is also available in a women’s cut/fit.

Bose Flex Bluetooth Speaker

Bose Flex Bluetooth Speaker shown at an angle

The Bose Flex Bluetooth Speaker delivers the clearest possible sound with deep, powerful bass. With its silicone body, powder-coated steel grille, and utility loop, the speaker is versatile and rugged enough for all your adventures!

Painted Apple AirPods Max

Painted Apple AirPods Max shown with an example logo on the side

Add a pop of color to classic AirPods. These Painted Apple AirPods Max give you the option to select pantone colors for a truly unique look. As far as unique corporate gift ideas go, it doesn’t get much better than AirPods.

17. Custom Hats and Custom T-Shirts

You can never go wrong gifting apparel to your teams, assuming they are high-quality and well designed. These are some of the most popular custom t-shirts and hats that know will delight everyone whose hands they fall into. Unisex Triblend Crew T-Shirt Unisex Triblend Crew T-Shirt shown on a male model

Soft, tough, long-lasting and beautiful, the Triblend t-shirt is among our best-selling products for a reason! People love the fit of this custom t-shirt, and also the huge range of colors we offer. Hat Customizable Hat

This is a custom hat that we promise people will actually want to wear. It fits like a dad hat, with adjustable sizing and a classy brass slider. With the custom embroidery option for your art, you can make this hat into anything you want. Beanie Customizable Beanie shown with custom logo design

When the colder months come around, a comfortable and warm beanie is exactly what you need. This one-size-fits-all beanie is the perfect option to make sure that you stay warm while looking your best. The beanie is customizable with a logo of your choice and is sure to be a hit!

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18. Custom Sneakers and Custom Socks

People always forget about the feet when it comes to custom swag, and we think it’s time for a change. We offer a range of custom socks and custom footwear that will take people by surprise when they receive them as gifts!

Custom Unisex Slip-On Shoes

Custom Unisex Slip-On Shoes shown with example logo on top

Slip-ons are so convenient—instead of wrestling with putting on a pair of shoes and lacing them up, these Custom Slip-Ons give clients and customers a quick and fashionable pair of shoes for those impromptu trips to the corner store, dog walks, and more. Custom Ankle Socks Custom Ankle Socks shown with custom design

For those who prefer ankle-length socks, these are for you. The fully-customizable Custom Ankle Socks make a useful gift to just about anyone—perfect for walks, workouts, and more.

Custom Fully Branded Socks

Custom Fully Branded Socks shown with custom designs

These are the customizable socks you’ve been looking for. Let your creativity run wild with a completely custom designed product. You choose the colors and upload your artwork, and we’ll make sure your socks will look exactly as you want!

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19. Food and Drink

Sometimes it’s nice to send people things that aren’t meant to last forever. The right treats can make someone’s day, and we think building a thoughtful snack kit is one of the best ways to demonstrate appreciation.

Small Snack Tin

Small Snack Tin shown with an example logo on top

This snack tin gives you a little sample of everything good- classic butter popcorn, cheese popcorn, caramel corn, mini pretzels, chocolate pretzels and even party mix! We have tons of different color ways for the tin as well, giving you the power to announce proudly who is responsible for getting the party started.

Chocolate Covered Pretzels

Chocolate Covered Pretzels in a clear box with a custom branded bow

Here’s the thing about these pretzels that you might not be expecting: they’re actually really, really, really tasty. These chocolate covered pretzels include three flavors: milk chocolate, sprinkles, and yogurt covered pretzels. These come in a clear box with a nice custom ribbon to show off your company branding.

Cocktail Box Co. Gin & Tonic

Cocktail Box Co. Gin & Tonic in a tin

This kit includes the tools needed to craft three cocktails. A welcoming gift suitable for a virtual happy hour celebration with coworkers and friends safely at home.

Igloo Cooler Gourmet

Igloo Cooler Gourmet shown with snacks (not included) and an example logo on the front.

A truly heavy-duty snack option for when you want to encourage a treat-yourself experience. This package comes with a customizable cooler and contains cookies, pretzels, mixed nuts, and more, making it ready to go on the next picnic or beach day.

Full Collection: Custom Branded Food & Candy Products

20. Useful Everyday Swag

In our experience, great swag will help someone solve a problem they may not have even thought they had! All of these products do just that, making life a little bit easier and smoother while showing off your company’s branding.

BlendJet 2 Portable Blender

BlendJet 2 Portable Blender shown with strawberries and an apple

A personal blender as swag? Absolutely! This portable workhorse is perfect for making smoothies, shakes, or drinks on the go. It runs on USB-charged batteries so you can take it anywhere a phone charger can go.

Custom Tile Mate 2.0 Tracker

Custom Tile Mate 2.0 Tracker

This is proof we are living in the future. This incredibly useful device can be attached to your keys, phone or any other thing you want to keep track of using bluetooth connectivity. Seriously, you will never misplace your keys again! What a concept.

Custom PopSocket

Custom PopSocket

Would we even be a swag company if we didn’t have the best popsockets available? This one is great because the gel it uses to stick to phones can be removed and repositioned without losing its grip or leaving gross residue along the way.

The Sun Ray Sunglasses

The Sun Ray Sunglasses shown in blue

These budget friendly Sun Ray Sunglasses are a classic folding eyewear with UV 400 protective lenses. A great product for giveaways, trade show events and more.

Blunt Classic Umbrella

Blunt Classic Umbrella shown open

Don’t let your audience hang out to dry. Show them they’re valued with a fully custom umbrella designed to withstand even the harshest downpour. Swag that makes life easier always connects people to your brand positively.

Shop, Store and Ship Your Products With the Click of a Button

No matter what type of swag you’re looking to create, makes it easy to design customized products that people will want to keep. 

Use our instant mockup feature to see how your products will look before you buy. When you’ve selected the items you love, we’ll let you know production and shipping timelines instantly so you’re never in the dark. We can also help you package your items into fully customizable swag boxes that look as beautiful as the swag itself!

Easily manage your orders using our Swag Distribution platform: this will allow you to store your swag with us, and send it wherever you want, whenever you feel like it. Think of it as your own digital swag closet!

What are you doing to humanize and engage your brand using swag? Reach out to for a chance to be featured.

Last updated January 2024.