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4 Ways to Stand Out at Your Next Trade Show

Fun Ideas for Your Booth to Stand out at a Trade Show


The purpose of participating in a trade show is to get your company’s brand out to the right audience and attract new clients. To do this, you have to get the trade show attendees attention in the first place. Unfortunately, everyone is often trying to achieve the same goal at trade shows so standing out from the crowd can be a challenge. Furthermore, all exhibitors have a booth space similar to yours. You have to make your booth stand out against the rest. You need something eye catching to attract attendees to your booth. Then, once they have come to your booth having something to keep them there so you can talk with them. The theme and layout of your booth design should be unique and aesthetically pleasing, but most importantly, you should bring something Unique to the table for attendees.

Here are a few fun trade show booth ideas for you to make you stand out from the other exhibitors.

1. Comfort and Food

Though not seemingly exciting, simply having chairs set up in or around your booth can both attract attendees and make them stay longer than they would have. Everyone can use a break from being on their feet. Without much seating otherwise at trade shows, attendees would love to sit down for a while and rest their legs. This can give you time to talk to introduce yourself and talk about your company with them.

Further this comfort by providing snacks, water or other drinks for your potential customers. You can do this with easy snacks, or you can have a bit of fun with it, Try a build your own cheese and charcuterie board or old fashioned soda fountain. Something more unique like these can really give your booth the edge it needs to attract attendees your way over other booths.

Or if the event allows it, host a happy hour at your trade show booth. The most important thing is to try to find something that fits with your theme and trade show display, this will help your exhibit be memorable.

2. Video Games

This is my personal favorite. Who doesn’t love a good video game? Though it sounds strange and may not connect exactly with your company’s service, video games are definitely something that will attract potential new clients to your booth. People of any age and gender love to feel like a kid again and play some games.

So rather than being the typical booth where attendees talk to you about your company, make it fun! Potential clients will enjoy a break from the work talk by playing a game, multi-player or single player. You can join potential clients in the fun, and start your company’s potential relationship with them on a positive, light note, setting a great precedent for the rest of your interaction. Some fun and simple multi-player games that most anyone would enjoy playing are Mario Kart, Dance Dance Revolution, and Guitar Hero.

You could also use a single player video game, but increase the attraction to it by making a competition. Hold a leader board of scores from the game and give the winner a prize, something high-end that is branded with your company logo. Or consolation prizes with some of your company’s swag, like a hoodie or mug. This is sure to make your booth stand out at a trade show.

Or try something that will highlight your new products. Maybe something utilizing augmented reality or using a virtual reality headset. Or something using a touch screen or iPads where attendees need to enter their email address to play is a great way to collect more leads for event follow-up.

3. Giveaways

Another what to make your booth really standout is having a giveaway! Announce on social media using the event hashtag before the trade show that your company will have a free giveaway at your booth to get the word out. Hint at what prizes may be included to spark people’s interest as well. This way, attendees can make sure to put their name in your raffle or sign up for it so they will be included.

Have a high-ticket item for a prize and maybe include a prize wheel or something similar. Some ideas for a big prize are a branded electric scooter or some Bose wireless headphones. Along with the bigger prizes, you can give away a smaller prizes that includes your product if this is possible, or some company swag such as a t-shirt, mug, or hoodie. This will get the word out about your company while simultaneously attracting potential clients to your booth in a fun and unique way.

4. A Show

You can hire someone to put on a sort of “show” at your booth for potential clients to watch. For example, you could hire an artist who paints a concept or idea having to do with your product while your booth is up. Or, for just a fun element, perhaps a cartoonist who paints attendees who come to see your booth. This is different and will pique the interest of attendees as something fun to do amongst a lot of words coming at them from other companies. Again, you attract potential clients with a positive and light experience before getting into a conversation and your company and its product or services.

Use any of these four ideas and your booth will surely standout and attract visitors at the next trade show!