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45 Conference Swag Ideas to Stand Out From The Crowd

Free stuff, given away to conference attendees, is an easy way to make a lasting brand impression and give people a reason to remember names and ideas. 

These days, the conference space looks a lot different for event attendees as well as exhibitors. Virtual event swag is now a thing. And as in-person events slowly come back to the fore, conference-goers will need to really be wooed by high-quality promotional products to make the experience worth it. 

More than ever, creative ideas are needed to separate your brand, organization or ideas from the rest. Whether you are back in person or virtual, the right item could make all the difference!

So what can you do to meet the new demands for conference swag? We’ve got a few ideas we think might be helpful. Read on, and remember that you can always reach out to have one of our team members talk through your individual swag needs!

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Our most classic event swag

These are the classics, the go-tos and the timeless hits you just have to have for your next conference. We carry only the highest-quality of items, so can rest assured any of these swag items will be a cut above what you typically find on the trade show floor. 

Recycled Cotton Tote 

A classic, durable and stylish totebag that is perfect to giveaway from your informational booth. This is also a great item to stuff with paperwork or any info you have to give out to your conference-goers. 

17oz Swag Bottle

BPA free waterbottles are a staple at trade shows and conferences. This one is high-quality stainless steel with a unique design and vast array of color options you can brand your logo across.

Custom Lanyards

A must-have for in-person conferences where people need to learn one another’s names, display credentials or otherwise keep track of important documents. We can offer complete customization to make your branding stand out. 

Pep 4,000 Power Bank

This power bank is a great piece of swag that will get people asking, “Where did you get that?” all day long. Charge them up before you hand them out, so that you save the day by offering a charge in the middle of the conference!

Baseball Stress Reliever

This is the most fun and memorable stress ball you’ll find anywhere. Colorful and playful, your logo will stand out and make a lasting impression. Made of squeezable polyurethane foam.

Colored Canvas Drawstring

You can’t even have a conference without drawstring bags to give out! These ones are made of durable canvas so they will be able to provide use and free promotion for years after you give them away. 

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Best conference swag for showing off your company logo

The point of swag is to endear conference goers to your brand and identity as an organization. Swag that boldly and beautifully bears your logo is ideal in that respect. Here are our favorite products for making an impression in person, on social media and more. Triblend Crew

These full-color t-shirts will be doing free promo for your brand in no time if you hand them out at your next event. They come in lots of colors and any size you could want, with the ability to screenprint in multiple areas. 

Moleskine Hard Cover (Medium)

Add an embossed logo to the front and back of these timeless Moleskine notebooks to class up your brand. People will actually use these notebooks, ensuring that you remain top of mind for a long time to come. 

Embroidered Patches

Patches are a great way to get your brand out into the world. These come in a variety of sizes from large to tiny. You’ll have full control over their design, ensuring the perfect patch for your brand is just a few clicks away.

Riva Mug

This stoneware mug looks just as much at home in a hipster coffee shop as it does sitting on a conference table waiting for a new home. Add your logo to the variety of colors, and give folks a reason to associate your organization with the first sip of joe in the morning. 

48″ Inverted Folding Umbrella

These gorgeous umbrellas are perfect for giving away to high-profile leads or raffling away from your booth. They’re boldly designed and work fantastically well at keeping the rain away all day long – making it a super convenient item!

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Best items for virtual conferences

The era of the virtual event is upon us. Sending swag for virtual event attendees is an easy way to stand out from the crowd in this new wild west. Here are the best items we’ve got for blowing virtual attendees away. Corporate Gifting

Let attendees at the next virtual event choose their own gift, and let handle the shipping to remote addresses! Our gifting feature makes it easy to get swag into the hands of people around the world with just a few clicks. Learn more here!

WebCam Cover

Address the reality of our new normal and equip attendees with a privacy enhancing device. These small covers easily ensure that people feel safe and secure leaving their computer open even when they’re not using it. 

Pixie Light 2.0

This selfie light is a great way to get people more comfortable being on camera to help document your event. Everyone looks better with better lighting, so give people a reason to get engaged with this simple device.

Mag Cube Wireless Power Bank

This mobile device charger is a powerbank that can power your phone for hours without using charging cables. You can add your logo to the front of the product using a digital printing method that looks awesome for full-color artwork. 

Cable Quack

Help people keep their WFH space neat and tidy as they attend their next virtual event. This small item might seem insignificant, but it makes a world of difference when it comes to staying organized. 

More inspiration: A Pocket Guide to Virtual Events

Luxury conference swag ideas

If the people attending your event are expecting a little bit above the average, we can help you deliver. Whether you plan on raffling these luxury items away, or giving them to high-profile clients or leads, these are fantastic ways to get people’s attention and hold it. 

Fully Customized Swag Box

Better than a swag bag is a swag box! We can help you choose great items, and package them together into a box designed with your own custom artwork. The best part is, we can handle sending them to people’s homes, if you don’t feel like giving them away in person. 

16oz Corkcicle Tumbler

Insulated, stainless steel tumblers are great gifts. Corkcicle tumblers are sure to please your most important conference guests. Top of the line in terms of durability and efficiency, these beverage containers will never let you down!

Convex Bluetooth Speaker

A rugged indoor / outdoor speaker that looks fantastic branded with your logo. These tech items are one of the most popular swag items to receive, according to polling done by expert researchers at 

Skullcandy Evo Earbuds

Thirty hours of high-fidelity audio playback is just one selling point of these awesome bluetooth headphones. They’re also stylish and portable, making them great gifts for the discerning audiophile. 

Osprey Arcane Duffel

This carry-on duffel bag from Osprey is both sturdy and attractive. For the frequent traveler, this bad boy will soon become the go-to for trips both long and short. 

Ray-ban Wayfarer Classic

These are the standard-bearers of cool. We can help you brand your own logo on these timeless shades, to ensure that anyone lucky enough to receive them doesn’t forget where they came from. 

Custom Tile Mate 2.0

Make lost keys or lost wallets a thing of the past with this sweet tech. Easily find your items using bluetooth technology that beeps and indicates location via a downloadable app. 

Ember 10oz Mug

The self-heating Ember mug is one of the most in-demand tech items of the year Delight attendees at your next conference by giving these away, complete with your own custom branding on the front and back. 

Theragun Mini

The Theragun Mini is a portable massage tool that works out sore muscles, and it’s a top item in the wellness category. Raffle off a few of these, and watch attendees flock to your organization to find out what all the buzz is about. 

​Swag items that won’t break the bank

If you’re looking to hand out swag to more than just a handful of people, you’ll likely have a budget in mind when picking out items. Lucky for you, we’ve curated tons of great products that are budget-friendly without being cheap. Here are some of our favorites!

Custom Vinyl Stickers

Stickers are the easiest way to get your logo out into the world. These are completely customizable, from the colors to the shape and size. Let your imagination go wild!

Colored Canvas Pouch

This short colored canvas pouch can hold all of your little trinkets, tools, and tidbits. It’s one of the most thoughtful items you can give at a busy event – guests will appreciate having a handy pouch to store pens, chargers and goodies.

Enamel Keychain

Bling out attendees with a tasteful custom keychain. Whether it’s your company logo or a clever piece of art, you can design it and create it without sinking your budget completely. 

2oz SPF30 Sunscreen

Useful, tasteful, affordable. For any conferences happening in sunshine areas, this is a fantastic way to demonstrate value. For cold areas, it can make a clever statement too. 

Bottled Water

Reusable water bottles are great to giveaway, but sometimes disposable bottles make more sense budget-wise. A well-timed water giveaway can go a long way to making people appreciative of your organization. 

Candy Window Tin

Sweet treats are great for getting people to visit your booth or stand. After all, who doesn’t love candy? Choose from a variety of name-brand candies that everyone will crave during the afternoon slump.

Jotter Pen

Pens are a classic swag giveaway that you can’t have a conference without. The Jotter Pen is a best-seller because of the variety of fun colors it comes in. You’ll be surprised at how many options we offer! 

Pinback Buttons

Punk kids have it right: buttons are cool. With tons of shape and size options, we’re sure we can help you build the right cool pin to make a splash at the next conference or trade show your organization participates in. 

Reusable Stretchable Straw

Encourage eco-friendly habits with a portable, reusable straw. This one’s constructed from durable food-grade stainless steel with a silicone tip for safety. Its space-saving design extends to the length you need for your drink, and compacts when you’re done.

Tech Taco

We love this easy way to declutter and detangle your collection of electronics. Swag that is useful always lands in appreciative hands, and this is one of the most helpful items we offer. Your attendees’ purses and desk drawers with thank you!

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Unique conference swag to remain top of mind!

How do you cut through the noise? We think one solution lies in using creative swag items to your advantage. These are some of the most unique, fun and unexpected swag you can use to garner attention.

Asobu Flavour U See

Not all retailers stock drinkware as unique as this. Store fruit, herbs, or anything else in the middle of this thermos to flavor water. This is a great way to promote wellness and your brand at the same time. 

Custom Socks

Warm and comfy meets fun and trendy! These socks are fully customizable so that you can dazzle attendees with your creativity. Our socks are a cotton-nylon blend that are fully machine washable. 

Custom Beanie

Keep warm and stay cool with a custom beanie that’s decked out with your organization’s colors and logo. These knit hats are the perfect gift to keep people comfy in cold months.

Stone Face Roller

These are great giveaway items if you want to promote wellness or lifestyle brands. Stone rollers have been used for centuries to relieve tension and restore proper blood flow in the face. Use them to your brand’s advantage today!

Custom Gloves

When is the last time you saw custom gloves used as a swag giveaway? This unique gift is perfect to capture people’s attention, and warm their hearts. And their hands. Obviously. 

Petite Bliss Plant

These cute succulents come in planters that you can adorn with your logo. They’re perfect for the office or home windowsill. We promise you’ll be the only person at your next conference giving out live plants!

Silicone AirPods Case

Almost everyone uses AirPods these days, and it’s likely many attendees will be carrying them the day of your event. Offer protection and style for their earbuds and you’re golden – these silicone cases come in a rainbow of exciting colors.

Whether your next conference is taking place in a grand expo hall or over a virtual web hosting platform, swag can make all the difference in winning people over to your brand. We’d love to help you find the perfect items for your event— reach out to us using the form below to be connected with an expert swag representative.