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5 Great Swag Box Ideas for Remote Workers

Send Great Theme Gift Boxes Directly to Employees or Customers

Giving gifts to your employees and customers has changed dramatically. Now it is not possible to have a big order delivered to your office to easily distribute to your employees at their desks or in a team meeting. Or sending gifts to customers as needed.

Now gifts need to be sent directly to employees or customers at home. Luckily, swag.com can help. Any product that is available on our site can be packaged and shipped to individuals at their homes or wherever they may be. No need for you to do the packing and shipping. Just place your order, give us your mailing list for the items and we will do the rest.

When sending gifts or swag items to individuals, you have the chance to make the experience really stand out by sending a swag box. These boxes are custom branded and can include any number of items you want to include. However, it can be a little overwhelming to select products these boxes. So here are a few suggestions for great boxes for remote workers

  1. Wellness and Safety Box – This is a great box to send to your employees to help keep them safe and healthy and maybe provide some stress relief. This box would inlcude:
  2. Home Fitness Box – Exercise is still important even when staying at home. This box is great to send to employees to help them keep fit and moving.
  3. Virtual Happy Hour in Box – This is a great option to send to teams before hosting a virtual happy hour or other socializing event.
  4. ‘Get Stuff Done’ Kit – Wellness and Fun are important, but there is still work to be done. This box is the perfect option for helping your team be more productive at home.
  5. Relax and Chill Box – Ok, wellness, exercise and work are all covered. Now it is time to relax. This box is a great mix of things to help your employee get comfy and wind down and have some fun.

Really these boxes are just a few suggestions. You can create your own swag box with almost any of the products available on our site. You can design the box, pick the items and we will handle the rest. To learn more visit our Swag in a box page.