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5 Swag Trends That Won Inbound 2023

Conference season is one of the most daunting seasons when it comes to picking out the perfect company swag. Between Inbound by Hubspot, Dreamforce by Salesforce and SaaStr, hundreds of thousands of marketing and sales pros are attending B2B conferences in the span of just two weeks. That means, if your company is partaking in the conference fun, you need to know how to stand out and be memorable amongst the crowds of other companies.

We sent our team of swag reporters to this year’s Inbound Conference to see what companies were doing to tell their story using custom products.

Here are five trends in swag we picked up at the 2023 Inbound Conference:

New call-to-action

Gamified Swag

Something we have been seeing a lot already this year is turning swag into a fun game to get people engaged. Instead of laying your swag out on the table for people to grab and walk away, make it a more interactive experience with a game involved. Our favorite example from Inbound was a mock roulette table where attendees could play for different swag items. It is a fun experience for everyone and makes the swag that people get a little more unique to their conference experience.

FUN Stickers

Another thing we have been seeing a lot this year are fun stickers. Stickers that just have your company’s name or logo simply aren’t cutting it anymore. Mascots seem to be super trendy sticker designs lately- who doesn’t love a sticker with a cute animal on it? Taking the sticker designs a step or two further than just your logo makes people WANT to put them on their laptops or water bottles. Here are a few of our favorites that we saw!

Edible Swag

Edible swag has really risen to fame this year and everyone seems to love it. Conference or trade show days are long ones and getting a little pick-me-up is pretty crucial. We love seeing companies have fun branded cookies, cupcakes or even drinks in branded cups. We are loving seeing how creative companies can get with this trend, there is so much that can be done.


Just like games, giveaways are a really fun way to give out swag while having it be a more interactive experience for everyone. At Inbound companies were giving away high end branded products like Yeti coolers, Apple products and even a drone!


Socks are a classic swag idea and they will truly never go out of style. We loved seeing all the fun and super creative designs that companies had on their socks at Inbound this year. Because socks are usually fully customizable, they give companies the opportunity to show off their brand more than they can on other forms of promotional products. A trend that we have been seeing lately is socks with lots of fun colors. Wearing fun socks automatically makes your day a good one, so we are here for the colorful sock trend.

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