5 Ways to Reduce Stress at Work
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5 Ways to Reduce Stress at Work

5 Easy Ways How To Reduce Stress at Work (And Be Happy)

Occupational stress is unavoidable. Everyone faces the tug and pull of a work-life balance. No matter how good you are at planning, inevitable surprises can pop up throughout the day throwing even the most organized individual for a loop. However, we can adopt certain skills and behaviors, and buy products, for our daily routines as a way to combat stress. If the work environment is stressful then in the long term this can cause health problems and impact not only your work life, but personal life too. We all handle stress differently, but there are some universal stress reducers that can go a long way to help. Here are some easy ways to reduce stress at work, help you cope, and ultimately become happier throughout the day!

1. Switch Up Your Scenery

Sitting in front of the computer for 8+ hours a day has been reported to be dangerous for our health. Being sedentary for that is linked to an increased risk of heart attack, stroke or heart disease-related death, according to Reuters Health. So rather than practice extreme seating, take advantage of the digital age. Pick up your computer and move it! Try the couches, another floor, or even outside if the weather and wi-fi permits. A change in scenery could bring on the change you need to your stress levels.

2. Stand

Digital flexibility can also be used to take advantage of convertible work stations. Depending on your price range, there are hundreds of standing desk options on Amazon which can be used to help aid your well-being and help with managing stress. The good thing about standing desks is that they help with physical health because they involve some physical activity. Standing desks instantly convert a table to standing height based on the level as you need with the touch of the steel frame. Once you’re standing, there are also gadgets that engage your core like the Butterfly Ergonomic Non-Flat Anti Fatigue Standing Desk Mat that will keep you surfing throughout the workday. If you want to engage your core while sitting at an adjustable height, there is also the ErgoStool.

3. Find Your Tribe

Sometimes in co-workers, there is the “co” and while in other times there is the “work.” For times of job stress, it’s important to have that “co” bond. Be sure to find your tribe of friends that can be there for you when you need to vent, go out to lunch, or take a walk around the block. A mental break while speaking to co-workers can be all you need to get back on your productivity stride. It’s even better if the group gets involved in weekly or monthly commitments like wellness outings, book clubs, or cooking clubs. Knowing that you have something to look forward to when coming to work other than responsibilities can lift your spirits during stressful times. This kind of stress relief is great for both physical and mental health.

4. Desk Distractions

Sometimes in stressful situations we just need to take a beat and come back to the project in a few minutes. Having little stress relievers readily available on our desk can be fun and easy ways to take our workplace stress away. We recommend the Everlast Massage Ball as a way to quickly roll out the tight painful spots in any aching muscles.

There is also the classic Stress Reliever that comes in the colors of beach ball stripes! This squeezable foam will relieve work stress while you can imagine that you’re sitting on a beach for the few moments you have.


5. Dog-Friendly Office

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, you cannot go wrong with a dog-friendly office! It’s the fastest (and best) way to get your endorphins up. Dogs are always happy to see you, they’re always ready to play, and they will always put a smile on anyone’s face. Although not everyone likes dogs, many people do and they are a wonderful way to help with work-related stress and take your mind off things.

While the workplace can likely be a source of stress, don’t let it overpower your productivity. Reduce your stress levels by trying out some of the stress management tips we love in our office. If you have some of your own ideas to reduce stress at work and be happier throughout the workday, share them with a friend and coworker too! You never know who could use some inspirational ideas on how to de-stress.