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7 Ideas for Celebrating Work Anniversaries

Celebrating an employee work anniversary

Employees who stick around are a big deal – and often they can be hard to find. Make sure they’re aware of how much you appreciate their loyalty by celebrating their work anniversary the right way! Whether it’s 6 months, one year, or 10 years of service, keep reading for the best ways to say congrats on a Work Anniversary to your employees.

1) Paid time off

Yep, you read that right. One of the best ways to celebrate a work anniversary is to reward your employees for their good work and their time on the job with time off of the job. While your employees will appreciate a nice card, a day to themselves or with family and friends can be much more valuable and relaxing. You might consider giving them the day off on the day of their milestone, or alternatively, allowing it to be the day of their choosing. Many companies offer a gradual paid time off plan, which offers increased paid vacation days depending on the amount of years employees have been there. Maybe even have it tied to years of service, so longer-term employees get an extra day or two.

2) Decorate their desk

If you don’t want to give your employees the day off, surprise them by decorating their work space! Purchase a new plant for their desk or put up some streamers. You could even buy balloons or change their screensaver to something funny. Nothing is better than the look on your employee’s face when they realize that their coworkers remembered their anniversary! Get creative and have fun with this, it is an expensive and fun way to say congrats on another successful year that will also involve more of your team members and can help raise team morale.

3) Make it personal

One great way to celebrate an employee anniversary is with a personal gift. Don’t just give them a mug with your company’s name on it — make it more personal. Especially if they’ve been with your office for more than a year, you must be familiar with something they like. Do they come into work with a to-go coffee mug everyday? Consider getting them a company cup with their initials. Are they always cold in the office? Get them a blanket with the company logo on it for their desk! Showing your employee that you took the time to get to know them will make them feel valued and is the best type of work anniversary wishes.

4) Anniversary card

Create an anniversary card and have it signed by the whole team! Even a simple card thanking them for all they’ve done can mean so much. Moreover, this will make your team pause for a moment from the hustle and bustle to say thanks to their coworker and happy anniversary. Although it’s simple, this is a classic that never fails.

5) Announce their accomplishments

If you have a company or team meeting coming up, you might consider taking several minutes to thank your employee for all the hard work they’ve put in. Make it even more thoughtful by mentioning specific things they’ve done over the years that have made them stand out from the rest, or even just an anecdote that illustrates a funny moment between the two of you. Either way, this is a great way to let your employee feel unique and also shines a light on their role on your team and their good work.

6) Make time for them

One of the best ways to celebrate your employee is to arrange for some one-on-one time with them to go over their growth and career development You might consider reviewing how they’ve improved or even how they see themselves growing within the company in the coming years. Help them to set some goals, making sure to save them for the next year. You could do this over lunch or coffee for a more personal touch. It is a great way to show employee appreciation and to show that you are invested in their future success.

7) Great swag

Have specific company swag that you share for anniversaries. For one-year, maybe some great apparel options. Year two, maybe some desired tech gift like a great bluetooth speaker or wireless headphones. Beyond that, options are endless. The classic gift is a watch, we can do customized watches too! Or how about an employee swag store where they can choose their own gifts?

Although it can be hard to keep up with each employee’s anniversary, especially if you are apart of a larger company, keeping track of your employees’ anniversaries is extremely important. Don’t let day-to-day tasks or stressful deadlines get in the way of celebrating – there is always time to make employees feel special and valued! Wishing them a happy work anniversary is an easy way to show your team that you take employee appreciation seriously, that you are invested in your team members future success and that you hope to have the as part of your company for many more amazing years.