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7 Top Tips for Improving Your Office Space

7 Easy Ways to Create a Zen Office Space On a Budget

Office space is often one’s home away from home. That’s why it’s important to love the space where you’re spending a large part of your day! Here are some ideas for easy ways to create a zen office space that will create and keep inspiration in your place of work whilst improving your workday.

1. Clean Workspace

The first step to creating a zen office space is to keep a clutter-free one, Marie Kondo-style. To do this, make sure that everything has a proper storage space, like in a folder, desk, cubby, or drawer. Even create a specific area for clutter where random items or papers can be dealt with at a later time. Your work environment will be much more ergonomic and efficient if you stick to these principles.

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2. Crystals

If you somehow managed to miss The Hills in the 2000s, good news because it’s back on our TVs with Spencer Pratt promoting the healing strength of crystals. Crystals are also known to promote stability and peace. They come in thousands of color and size options, all with different healing powers. The popular quartz crystal specifically is known to amplify and balance energy in a room. Do your research to find out what best fits your needs or aesthetic!

3. Motivation Posters

If your company culture if flexible enough to give you some room to customize your work space or cubicle then adding motivation posters can be a popular decoration idea. However, because this isn’t college, put yours in a frame! Find the inspirational quote that is going to get your creative juices flowing every time you look at it. What is a quote that inspires you? Is it lyrics to Britney Spears’ “Work,” a quote from the late Steve Jobs, or something that your Dad said to you while growing up? This idea is perfect for the home office where you have more freedom to personalize your own space.

4. Mini Zen Garden

Desk distractions can be the perfect opportunity to create a zen space. Raking the sand from one side of a mini zen garden to the other side, over and over, sounds calming to me.

5. Plants

Succulents, indoor plants and bonsai trees are also budget-friendly options. They are super easy to find as they’re being sold at basically every corner store or farmer’s market. Try to get office plants as much light as possible and also the proper amount of water they need. If they don’t live – it won’t be so zen. Your green thumb will also look pretty in the space!

6. Essential Oil Diffuser

Essential Oil Diffusers cleanse the air and promote soothing feelings in the environment. So the next time you’re feeling a bit tense, turn on your favorite scent and breathe in a calming sense of relief. The great thing benefit to an essential oil diffuser over candles is that you don’t risk an accidental fire or the smoke alarm going off. Essential oils can help stimulate the senses, help wake you up and in turn increase productivity.

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7. Lamp

Overhead lighting in office spaces can tend to be a bit harsh. Dim the strength by turning it off and getting only the light you need with a lamp. Himalayan salt lamps specially offer many health benefits as they have the power to increase energy levels while improving your concentration and mood! They can also aid air quality and help to reduce allergies and coughing. Additional lighting can help with the glare from computer screens too. This is great if you don’t have access to natural lighting and you spend much of your working day looking at the computer monitor. As with all jobs where you need to focus intently it is a good idea to take regular breaks to help reduce eye strain, and ultimately boost productivity.

We hope that your workspace is your happy place. Let us know if there are other budget-friendly ideas you’ve come across that have successfully turned your office into a zen place to be.