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Awesome Yoga Swag Ideas for Any Program or Studio

Four Promotional Products for Your Yoga Practice or Yoga Studio

Whether your starting a new yoga practice or studio or just revamping your preexisting practice/studio, new swag for you and your members will certainly achieve success for your practice, especially new swag with your own design on it. You can put a logo or catch-phrase that your clients can associate with your practice or studio. To help come up with what exactly this personalized swag will look like, here are four ideas that will make your Yoga Practice or Studio feel brand new and original.

1. Yoga Mat

Of course, we have to start out with the basics. Everyone needs a yoga mat for practice sessions, and a customizable yoga mat makes those practice sessions just that much more fun. With this yoga mat, you can put your practice or studio’s logo on it, a fun yoga catch-phrase such as “namaste”. It comes in different colors as well, which you can match to the theme of your studio or other swag items.

2. Yoga Bag

Another basic is a bag for all your and your member’s yoga equipment. You can customize bags as well to give to your members as rewards for signing up or coming to certain classes, or you can sell them in your studio. Some ideas are this duffel for those who want a larger bag, this canvas tote that hooks shut for a cute, smaller bagor this tote that zips shut is a bit more functional due to its zipper. You can put your own design on all three bags, and all three come in different colors.

3. Water Bottles

Whether its hot yoga or not, your program or studio should give or sell water bottles to your members. These too can have your logo, catch-phrase, or members names on them. One is “The Swag Bottle,” which is small and simple. Another is the Contigo Chug, which is a larger bottle for those who really love to hydrate, or just prefer a larger water bottle. 

4. Cool Rag

Finally, cool rags are a fun swag idea for any yoga practice or studio. Your members will love these while working hard in the yoga studio. You can hand them out during sessions and then wash them afterwards to use again at your next sessions. Plus, since you can put your own design on them, they will be easy to keep up with as you will know that they are yours. 

All four of these swag ideas are perfect for your new, old, or revamped yoga programs, individual practice or yoga studio. Your employees, customers or members will be sure to love them. Adding your own design will give your yoga practice its own unique feel.