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Best Custom Swag Ideas for Rebranding or Logo Redesign

Swag Ideas to Show Off Your New Brand or Logo

You spend a lot of time (and money) on developing your branding. Showing off your logo is a great way to get people talking about your brand. The more your logo is seen the more recognizable it becomes.

There are many different ways to go about showing off your logo and it can be difficult to narrow down what tactics are truly effective. has you covered, below are some promotional products ideas to help you show off your logo!

Everyday Items

As mentioned before, you want people to recognize your logo and the best way to do so is to put it on everyday, usable items. Before you pick your items to personalize, it is also important to choose your target buyers. For example, if your company relies mostly on students, you could customize a smaller giveaway that they will display to others. Some ideas include:

A way to get these items in the hands of students is by visiting college campuses and handing the items out, either a weekly table or at a college fair.

Invest in Quality

If your target buyers are older, working adults, other options might be a better choice. Personalizing everyday clothing, bags, or event pieces with your logo is another great way to have your logo seen. Showing off your logo on clothing such as sportswear, especially for a race or a company sponsored event is the perfect time and place for people of all ages to get a peek at your awesome logo. Some ideas include

Providing an everyday item of a slightly higher quality will make your brand standout while giving your audience something they will really want to wear.

Event Swag and Tradeshow Giveaways

Events are a great time to show off your logo. Whether that’s a tailgate for the big football game, or a trade show has tons of customizable event-must haves. Here are some items that will help you stand out at the event:

  • The Open Back Tablecloth can be thrown over any table or bench and is the perfect place for your logo.
  • The Backdrop Banner looks great when customized with a logo and stands up nicely behind tables at events.
  • For tailgates or other outdoor events, the Square Tent Set can be customized with your logo and is easy to set up and fold up for transportation between locations.

Once you have the audience’s attention, you’ll want to give them something to walk away with to remember your logo. Here are a few fun, budget-friendly swag giveaway ideas:

  • Koozies are always fun especially for events with a happy hour
  • Lip Balm is another great promo giveaway option, especially for outdoor events
  • The Kickstand Phone Wallet is a fun giveaway that people will love.

Swag as Advertisement

Lastly, to really lock your logo in on your intended viewers, you need to get your logo out and about. Customize a tote bag with your logo, for example the Basic Canvas Tote can be taken anywhere: from school, to work, on a trip, this portable method gives your logo the chance to be seen by anyone anywhere. Try hiring an influencer or employ ambassadors to wear and promote your logo on social media. Ambassadors on college campuses could hand out bags, magnets, or stickers with your logo on it. They can also take pictures with your logo on a t-shirt or with a customized item and their followers will see them wearing your logo.

Try out some of these Swag ideas to help spread the new brand that you are so proud of, and take your company and brand to the next level.