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Best Swag Ideas for College Students, Fraternities and Sororities

Awesome Swag for College and Greek Life

More than 650 colleges in the United States offer some kind of Greek Life for their students. It is a large part of both the college world, and the business world, as companies are headed by ex-fraternity or ex-sorority presidents, connections are built through the brotherhoods and sisterhoods of each throughout the business world.

Fraternities and sororities hold more importance than merely a social life for 18-22 year olds of today, which is why so many people want to be a part of them. This, in turn, explains why the recruitment processes for fraternities and sororities alike is a competitive business. Yes, students want to join fraternities and sororities, but do they want to join yours.

I am here to tell you just how to get them to not only want to join your organization, but also enjoy their time being a part of it.

It is a simple answer, seemingly: swag. Gifts. Everyone loves gifts, especially college students. Of course, fraternities and sororities need specific swag that supports their own organization, or an organization they partner with. With this in mind, I have accumulated a list of amazing swag ideas to give out to prospective new members or already present members of your fraternity or sorority.


First, let’s start simple. Every Greek organization needs shirts, sweatshirts, pants, jackets, etc., that not only support your organization, but also express its unique aesthetic. At, you can find all types of clothing, on all of which you can put your own design. You can put your Greek letters, your specific slogan, and you can choose your own color. offers clothing for male and female, making it easy for both fraternities and sororities to create clothing to give out to your members or potential new members. Ladies, offer your members this trendy, cute cropped hoodie with your letters on it. Gentlemen, this simple, fitted hoodie with your letters.


Another simple swag idea is a bag, such as this cute zipper beach tote, easily useful for more than just a beach day, or this classic backpack for school, sports, or extracurriculars. Offer your members something useful with your Greek organization’s design on it to let them know you will help them in normal life, and you will support them through your organization.

Water Bottles

A classic, everybody loves to have a reusable water bottle. And even better, you can give your members one with your Greek letters or slogan on it so they represent their favorite organization every single day! You can go with the simple, smaller Swag Bottle, which comes in a variety of colors, or you can go for the larger Contigo Chug, , offered in simple black, white, and gray.


Stickers for laptops, water bottles, cars, or anything else students can find are perfect for a cute swag idea to spread the word about your organization. These customizable vinyl stickers, are perfect to give to your members.

More Goodies!
This is more fun, smaller stuff, perhaps to include in a swag bag rather than just given one at a time. You can include snacks with your sorority or fraternity letters or slogan on them such as chocolate covered espresso beans, a small snack tin with various foods, or chocolate truffles.

More fun ideas are a bluetooth speaker, perhaps as a reward for doing well in school or advertising your organization well, or, for your 21 and up members, an electric wine bottle opener.

All these swag ideas are sure to make your sorority or fraternity stand out amongst the rest in the competitive Greek world, and they add a fun element that will excite your members even more.