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Best Back to School Swag

It is officially back-to-school season and nothing says school spirit like great swag. Your school’s community should represent its reputation, values, and overall atmosphere. This is similar to creating a brand for a business. Building a brand or community around your high school can help to promote a sense of belonging among students and improve outcomes.

Whether you’re a student, parent, or faculty member, sporting swag with your school’s name or mascot in the halls is guaranteed to get students pumped about the year ahead. 

No matter how big or small your student body is, offers a wide array of products perfect for everyone. If you’re looking to get students and faculty excited about the new school year, spirit week, or the big game, keep reading! 

Bumper Stickers

Check out our custom vinyl stickers–perfect for sticking on literally anything. Not only are they extremely long lasting, but they’re also weatherproof, meaning that they can easily be used as bumper stickers. Students, parents, and alumni will be proud to sport this sticker all over town. No matter where you’re going, you can show your school pride everywhere! Perfect for those students who have just passed their driving test.

Sanitizer with Carabiner

As students head back to school in the fall, flu (and Covid) season is right around the corner. Our sanitizer carabiner is perfect to throw in a purse, attach to keys, or hook onto students’ backpacks. Stock up on these to keep your community safe and healthy all year round.

Custom Backpacks

We all know the pain of lugging heavy books and supplies from school to home, and back again. Make sure students feel comfortable and stylish with this Jansport Cool Student backpack. It offers multiple pockets for organizing pencils, earpods, and notebooks. Engrave it with your school’s logo or mascot for a fun twist on a regular backpack. Check out our huge selection of customizable backpacks and totes on our website.

Custom Water Bottles

Having a great reusable water bottle is another way to help students remain healthy and stop the spread of germs. Plus, it is better for the environment! There are plenty of options available that can show off your school colors and logos.

Despite its name, the Asobu Superb Sippy cup is perfect for all ages. This insulated and reusable cup and straw combination is the perfect way to reduce waste and keep your drinks cold all day long! Plus, it helps to minimize spills on your classroom floor. Whether you’re an iced coffee addict, smoothie lover, or just need to stay hydrated between classes, you’ll want to bring this cup everywhere with you. 

Classic Swag Apparel

You can never go wrong with clothing and accessories. Current students love it, and alumni will be proud to sport it at college and beyond! Apparel is a great option for sports boosters, fundraising activities or just to hand out as a welcome back to school giveaway.

Sweatshirts like the Ascolour 100% Cotton Crew are perfect for chilly fall days, night games, and for sporting to class in the cool air conditioning. Don’t be discouraged if you have a dress code–we even have custom branded polos and button downs to spice up any school uniform.

For smaller accessories, silicone bracelets or our custom lanyards are perfect to throw into a gift bag for incoming freshmen or to give away at school sponsored events. 

School and Office Supplies

In 2014, Americans spent an estimated $8.6 billion on school supplies–that’s a lot of pencils and pens! Although these types of supplies are relatively simple, students and faculty are guaranteed to put them to good use. Whether you’re searching for spiral notebooks, pens, pencil pouches, or other accessories, has an entire section of office supplies your school will love! 

Still need ideas? Talk to one of our swag curators to find the perfect swag for your community!