Pet-friendly swag
Team Morale

Best Swag Ideas for Pets

Swag ideas for dog friendly offices & employee pets

Creating a pet-friendly office environment in the workplace has its guaranteed perks. Not only will it attract top talent from the millennial workforce, but it will also help having employees have to leave work midday to check on their pets or pay for doggy day care.

According to a 2017 study, allowing employees to bring their dogs to work not only helps to provide them social support, but it can also create more synergy in the workplace.

What better way to spread your company logo than with pet swag?! Gift your employees something unique by providing them with company apparel and accessories for their pets. Keep reading for pet swag ideas that will be a huge hit with your employees and their furry friends.

1) Pet apparel

Why limit company apparel to your employees? Branch out and work on building your brand with fun dog apparel that will keep your employees’ pets looking their best. Customers will be obsessed with your company mascot’s newest outfit.

From chihuahuas to labradoodles, our Pet T-Shirt is a huge hit for dogs of all shapes and sizes – fitting most dogs up to 70 pounds! They can sport your company logo and colors on chilly days when they might need an extra layer or at the company party to match all of your employees.

If your dog won’t fit into our t-shirt or you’d like to gift your pet owning employees something a tad more low-key, you might consider the Pet Bandana. Both options will make the office pets feel like they’re part of the team!

Walk essentials

Walks are good for people, but even better for dogs. It’s important for your employees to take their pets out of the office for even a quick walk during the day. Not only will it help your employees destress, but it will also make their dog happier and more relaxed (less barking during those conference calls)!

Every dog owner needs a leash, if not multiple! Gift your employees this customized Retractable Pet Leash so they can take their dog to the park across the street on their lunch break. If you’re a pet friendly office, this leash will also help them transport their pup on their morning commute.

The worst thing when going for a walk with your dog is forgetting to bring something to pick up after them. With the Pet Bag Dispenser, your employees will never forget a bag again. It comes with 20 plastic bags and a clip on feature to make traveling easy. They’ll thank you (and their neighbors will too).

Another good add-on is a clip-on hand sanitizer to help clean-up after the clean-up.

Other pet accessories

Let’s face it–sometimes, your dog gets into things you don’t want it to. Maybe they insist on playing in the mud or just need a bath. The Pet Friendly Wipes are a great option for keeping company pets smelling their best at all times. Keep your office floors clean even on the rainiest of days by using these wipes to keep off dirty paws and fur.

Your employees and their dogs will love the Dog Bowl and Bottle Set for an easy, on-the-go solution for thirsty pups. Your employees will get a customized company water bottle, and their dogs will get a matching bowl. What could be better?!

Working hard or hardly working? Even your best employees need a break sometimes. Pamper your employee’s pets with this Frisbee! Dog owners will be thankful for an excuse to head to the park with their coworkers for some company bonding, and their dog will love the extra attention and playtime. This chance to de-stress will increase employee happiness and productivity. Everyone wins!

Can’t choose between these awesome ideas? Create a company ‘Pet Swag Box‘ for your favorite employee pet so they can enjoy all of the goodies we mentioned above!