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Brand Spotlight: HidrateSpark

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We’re so excited to begin offering custom products from the wellness brand HidrateSpark, a company whose mission is to help people develop healthy habits. 

Founded in 2014, the company began in response to a friend falling ill due to lack of proper hydration. According to their website, around 75% of Americans are dehydrated, and this can lead to a huge number of health issues. The physical and emotional benefits of proper hydration are massive, and the co-founders of HidrateSpark wanted to make it easy to remember that.

We all know how difficult it can be to remember to drink the water we need to be our healthiest. Between our work, family and social lives, there are plenty of distractions that prevent us from taking a break for a simple sip of water. HidrateSpark’s line of products aim to tackle this problem by infusing technology into the equation. 

They’ve pioneered what they call the “Smart Water Bottle,” a beverage holder that uses intelligent tech solutions to monitor and encourage healthy drinking habits. These smart bottles can track how much water you drink, offer reminders to drink more when you aren’t meeting your goals, and even connect to a powerful smartphone app that will help develop a personalized hydration plan according to the individual profile of its user. 

To remind people to drink, the HirdateSpark bottles begin to glow when it’s been too long in between sips. The goal is to get people in the habit of drinking more often, so that eventually it becomes second nature. 

Their revolutionary smartphone app makes this easier by connecting smart bottles to a unique hydration plan based on individual factors like activity level, weather, temperature and a variety of other health factors. The end result is a system that ensures each user is reminded to be the healthiest they can be.

Check out the HidrateSpark products that we’re offering up for complete customization! These are the perfect gifts to encourage employee wellness:

HidrateSpark 17oz Chug

If you’re looking for the perfect office gift that can help develop a sense of company wellness, look no further than the 17oz HidrateSpark Chug. It’s small enough to get carried around all day without bother, but packed with all the features that make the HidrateSpark line so powerful. We can customize these with any custom logo or artwork you need. 

HidrateSpark 21oz Chug

This attractive Smart Bottle comes in a steel finish or a matte black finish, with the choice to add your full color logo to the side using 4 color digital printing. It’s double walled insulation will keep drinks cold up to 24 hours, and it’s intuitive lid makes taking sips fun and easy. Of course, this bottle also contains the ability to connect to the HidrateSpark app, and offer glowing reminders to drink more water. 

HidrateSpark 21oz Straw Lid

This is the same as the previous model— a sturdy, 21oz bottle that is perfect for a day at the office or on the town. The only difference is that this version has a built in straw lid, meaning you can sip and go without having to turn the whole thing over. It’s especially nice for commuting, where you don’t need more than one hand to operate, and don’t need to hold it over your face!

HidrateSpark smart bottles make awesome gifts if you want to develop a company wellness program, or simply offer a gift that promotes healthy living! Boost your brand by adding your stamp to a set of gifts that will undoubtedly make people happier and healthier. 

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