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Brand Spotlight: Ocushield

At, our mission is to search high and low for the best branded products that people will actually want to keep, and gear people will actually want to use. 

We’ve scoured the best of what’s out there to curate a selection of items that will delight and endear your customers and employees. Each brand we choose to make available has been carefully selected based on a high level of quality and utility. is excited to begin offering products from Ocushield, a company specializing in all things blue-light blocking. Based in the UK, they have developed the world’s first medically rated blue light filters. 

Since 2016, this notable company has been working to make the office (and home office) a safer and more “well” space for people whose eyes are at risk of over exposure to electronic screens. 

Blocking blue light is their mission

Blue light, of course, is the much discussed source of headaches, insomnia, eye strain and more. Digital interfaces like computer screens or televisions emit tons of blue light— this causes lots of problems for computer based workers, and especially for those of us who are guilty of using phones while in bed.

To solve the problem of how to avoid excess blue light in a world where turning off our screens is simply not an option, Ocushield has developed a medically rated technology that can filter out harmful light from what won’t hurt us. Their technology removed light that exists between 380-450nm. We’re not exactly sure what that means, but the end result is that Ocushield products allow you to use your devices normally, and not worry that blue light will affect your skin, eyes or sleep cycle. 

Ocushield is also notable for their charity work. For every product they sell on their website, they donate £1 to the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIBP). RNIBP is a leading sight loss charity and the largest community of blind and partially sighted people.

Making the office a space of wellness

Ocushield is a great partner for us here at, because we love helping our clients equip their offices with the tech and custom items they need to make working as healthy and wholesome as it can be. Finding solutions to improve working conditions as it relates to blue light is a massive task for HR pros. We can say from experience that the demand from employers for products that will help protect their workforce is huge.

See our full line of products aimed at making the office safe and fun here.

Ocushield products available at

As Ocushield continues to innovate their product line, we will include more of their awesome items on our site for customization. Check back if you love their products, and you may find we’ve added more!

For now, here are some of our favorites from Ocushield, available now at

Carson Blue Light Glasses

These glasses are made with Ocushield’s patented, FDA approved blue light blocking glass, ensuring that working for long stretches at the computer is a breeze. Unlike other blue light glasses, these also include an anti-reflective element, which eliminates the unappealing blue glare that you often see with other models. Perhaps the most innovative part of these glasses is their style! They are available in three colorways: clear, tortoise, and black. 

Parker Blue Light Glasses

Another option for employees or clients whose eyes you want to preserve! The Parker glasses are a stylish, conservative frame that incorporates the best protective features of Ocushield technology into one handsome item. You can choose between three colors; tortoise, clear and black, and add your logo to the carrying case that each pair comes inside. We’ll help you decide if screen printing or laser engraving is the right option for you. 

Anti Blue Light Lamp

This incredible gift for the home office is the ultimate desk lamp for those who like to burn the candle at both ends. Choose from three different brightness settings, each one with a different amount of blue light removed from it. When you want to work late, switch to the lowest setting and be assured that all harmful blue light has been removed, and you’ll be able to sleep normally when you’re done. The best part is that this lamp is portable and rechargeable via micro USB. 

Love what you see from Ocushield? So do we! If you want to chat about how we can help you customize some of their awesome products for your team or clients, fill out the form below. One of our expert swag representatives will be in touch to figure out how we can bring your swag vision to life.