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Choosing Tech Swag Your Employees Will Love

Struggling to determine what swag will make your employees swoon? If your organization is a tech company or is tech-dependent, chances are what your employees really want for Valentine’s Day is something to make their lives easier. Whether that means a simple power bank or a simply powerful device, we’ve got you covered.

Struggling to determine what swag will make your employees swoon? If your organization is a tech company or is tech-dependent, chances are what your employees really want for Valentine’s Day is something to make their lives easier. Whether that means a simple power bank or a simply powerful device, we’ve got you covered.

Why choose tech to promote your organization?

Giving out tech swag sends a strong message about your organization. Not only that, but the right quality promotional tech items give receivers a positive association with your brand. Tech swag puts the “fun” in functional, and giving your employees something they’ll actually use regularly is a great way to connect with them.

Still, tech giveaways can add up if you’re handing swag out regularly, so it’s important you know when’s the right time to give out the good stuff. For instance, promotional events for technologies are a place where giving away tech goodies goes over like hotcakes. Also, tech employers can welcome new employees with a custom-made box filled with tech accessories and the like, or celebrate employee anniversaries with a top-of-the-line branded device.

But just what types of tech promos help you appropriately thank your top talent for joining or sticking with your organization? There are a lot of choices for tech swag, so knowing which device or accessory to choose for your employees takes a touch of finesse. That’s why we’ve compiled this guide to help you choose the right promotional tech items.

Power banks

In this connected, on-the-go day and age, everyone needs a power source. As you read this, someone somewhere is searching for an outlet or a wall adapter while experiencing a battery-life emergency. There’s a solution for this ubiquitous problem and it comes in the compact form of a power bank. Power banks are convenient, easy to transport, and with the right branding, they can be a form of effortless marketing.

Providing your employees with power banks will earn you some major brownie points. But which power bank is the right choice? For a highly-customizable (not to mention affordable) power bank, check out our Square Charger. This 2200 mAh lithium-ion battery comes in your choice of five colors and includes a USB cable, so your employees can start using it right away.

If you’re really wanting to wow giftees, our 36 W Speaker Power Bank is the way to go. This power bank doubles as a Bluetooth speaker—talk about bang for your buck. It can also be used as a TV soundbar with the included AUX cable, includes a mic for answering calls, and the charger is even rated as waterproof. What more could your employees ask for from a power bank?


Headphones are the perfect gift for helping your employees get into the zone with their favorite music or podcasts. Just like everyone needs a charger, everyone could always use another set of headphones (anyone else wash their favorite pair in the laundry? Just me?). Which headphones you choose to hand out at your tech company will depend on, among other things, your budget.

Looking to make a statement with your branded promotional items while still saving money? Our AcePods are the right choice for you. With your design on the case, each time your employees pop out their AcePods to commute on the train or go for a run, they’ll remember they work for a company that cares about their employees and about quality.

If, on the other hand, you’ve decided to go big or go home, we’ve got our Bose Wireless Headphones. Available in silver and black, these noise-canceling headphones will help your employees find their flow with ease. The Bose Wireless Headphones come with a carrying case and have a hefty 20-hour battery life.

Tech Devices

When you really want your branded gift to pack a punch, be unconventional and consider gifting an electronic device. Your thoughtful gift will stand out to the recipient, showing them just how much you appreciate their service at your company.

The Amazon Echo is a smart way to make your employees’ lives a little easier. It comes in your choice of black, silver, and white, and can control your compatible smart devices, helping to automate the mundane so the giftee can focus on what really matters to them.

For companies wanting to make a statement with their gift, an Amazon Kindle eReader with your brand logo imprinted on the front and back is an excellent option. This blue-light-free eReader allows users to read their favorite books without interruptions like push notifications. Whether you’re starting a company-wide book club or you’re just wanting to say “thanks”, this hardy eReader is a great choice.

Tech accessories

Whether you’re looking for simplicity or showmanship, we’ve got you covered with a wide range of tech accessories. From phone wallets to AirPods cases to cable management products, if you dream of putting your logo on it, chances are we’ve got it.

PopSockets are a fun way to get your brand out there and make it easier for your employees to hold or stand their phones. They come in white or black and include your logo imprinted in the middle. If you’re being budget-conscious but still want to hand out a thoughtful gift, a branded PopSocket is the way to go.

Want to help your team take great group photos or individual selfies? Our branded Selfie Light makes it happen. It’s available in four colors that range from black to blush. Each selfie ring has three brightness settings that are powered by 36 LED lights, giving your employees their best light for snapping selfies.

If your company issues MacBooks to your employees, you’ll want to protect your investment in a way that showcases your brand as well. That’s where our Incase ICON 12” MacBook Sleeve comes in. It comes in three colors so you can choose which complements your logo the best. The MacBook sleeve is shock-absorbent yet lightweight, making it easy to transport.

Whether you’re looking to spread the word about your brand through handing out promotional items at tech events, or you just want to welcome a new employee into your midst, you can’t go wrong with tech gifts. From accessories to the latest in headphones, brings you the latest and greatest in fully-customizable promotional tech swag.