Employee Birthday Gifts
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7 Swag Box Ideas for Employee Birthday Gifts

A great way to show love to your employees, build engagement, and increase motivation is to give employee birthday gifts. It’s even better if you can make them personal while still keeping the items professional. Here are simple ways to personalize gifts based on hobbies and interests.

1. The Social Butterfly

For the employee that is always coordinating happy hours, or chatting over coffee in the communal kitchen with other team members, send them a cocktail kit. They can mix and shake their way to learning how to make the perfect craft cocktail and maybe pass along their new tips and tricks at the next team gathering.

Employee Gift Ideas:

With the BlendJet Portable Blender, making margaritas is easy as a push of a button. No craft cocktail is complete without some garnishes to top it off. The Candy Cocktail Garnish gift box set includes our most popular candy cocktail-inspired garnishes of sugar-coated lemon slices and chocolate martini olives. These gifts will have your social butterfly committed to their cocktail crafting. Don’t forget to add their alcohol of preference!

2. The Beach Bum

For the employee that strategizes their PTO and Summer Fridays to spend near the beach, send them summer essentials. 

Employee Gift Ideas:

Everyone can always use an extra beach towel. The Velour Beach Towel, made of microfiber polyester, is the perfect size for staking your claim on the sand. Instead of sending their gifts in a box, try a more eco-friendly packaging style, such as the Utility Beach Tote, as the gift packaging. This bag’s mesh body is the perfect beach accessory as sand will fall right through. Plus, the utility pockets allow for extra space to store water bottles, snacks, and all other beach essentials.

3. The Sweet Tooth 

A birthday celebration is not complete without sweets. Luckily dessert experts like Jars by Dani and Milk Bar can help you satisfy an employee’s sweet tooth. Celebrate their birthday in style and with tons of flavor options.

Jars by Dani serve their desserts in a simple and easy to dig into style with mason jars. With flavors like Gluten Free Fudge Brownie, Cake Batter, and Cookie Dough, there is something for everyone’s sweet tooth.

Milk Bar also delivers a variety of desserts, and with their sampler packages, you won’t even have to choose! Products like cake truffles, individually wrapped assorted cookies, assorted cookie tins, pies, and more will have you hoping the birthday girl/guy will good at sharing. Plus, they have tons of seasonal flavors so you’ll never tire of the options.

4. The Busy Bee

For the employee always on the go, chargers and charging stations are essential to eliminate the inconvenience of dying devices. 

Employee Gift Ideas:

The Pebble Portable Charger stays charged for hours and comes in a choice of five different colors. Also, the added touch of a carabiner is the perfect companion piece for your on the go employee as it will be hard for them to lose it.

5. The Workout Fein 

For the employee who uses their lunch break to workout, gift a piece of new equipment or a workout bag. Even if they already have some of these items, a replacement never hurts. The old ones are constantly getting sweaty and dirty anyways.

Employee Gift Ideas:

This Custom Yoga Mat is comfortable and easy to carry. Added perk: It comes with a black harness and strap! Order the mat in black or blue and your employees can begin repping your brand when they get their sweat on.

Resistance bands are another lightweight and durable exercise gift that employees can quickly grab for lunch break sweat sesh. This portal equipment is the perfect strength training tool to help tone and sculpt muscle.

After bringing up their heart rate, employees will need help cooling down. A S’well 17oz Sportsport Bottle will help your brand support reducing the need for single-use plastic water bottles. This bottle features triple-layered, vacuum-insulated construction, designed to keep beverages cold for up to 24 hours – Perfect for helping them quench their thirst while rushing back to their office. 

6. The Coffee Addict

There are plenty of gifts to help your employee who loves their shots of adrenaline via six cups of coffee a day.

Employee Gift Ideas:

Whether an employee works from home or just needs that customized afternoon pick me up, the Glass Coffee Press, made of resistant borosilicate glass, can brew them up to 12 oz. of coffee. Once the perfect cup of coffee has been brewed, they’ll want to keep it safe. The Asobu Coffee Compact is the perfect size cup for the office, home, or car and comes with an easy-grip handle and flip-top lid if they like to take their cup of Joe on the go.

7. The Top Chef

For the employee that loves to spend time in the kitchen, or is working to improve their skills, gift them tools that would set them up for success in a culinary challenge.

Employee Gift Ideas:

Cookbooks are celebrated no matter the level of culinary expertise. Try the Super Simple Cookbook, featuring 125 simplified recipes for fool-proof meal-prepping, easy entertaining, and everything in between. While things are heating up in the kitchen, they’ll need some spices to give each recipe the proper flavoring. The Spice Rub Tower Set would be the perfect way to compliment a cookbook with a set of six spices. Another eco-friendly way to package this gift, and also encourage them to bring their leftovers into the office, is with the Igloo Leftover Lunch Bag.

No matter the birthday gift you give, don’t forget to include a card when wishing your employee a happy birthday! Generic cards that say “Happy Birthday” or pre-made notes with the company’s motto are an opportunity to incorporate company branding in the gifted items. Hopefully, this list has sparked some creative and thoughtful ideas. Happy gifting!