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Fun Ideas for Wedding Swag and Favors

Best Swag for Weddings

Whether it is a welcome bag or a thank you favor, fun ideas for wedding swag are not hard to come by, but sometimes you just need a little inspiration for that perfect swag to show your friends and family your appreciation. They have helped you through so much of life, and you want the gift you give them on your wedding day, as a welcome or thank you, to reflect how thankful you are.

It is not easy to create the perfect swag for your wedding, but this short list should help inspire your inner party-planner.

A Bag!

A personalized, or themed bag as a gift and as the physical bag in which you store the rest of the swag for your wedding, is a great way to make your swag bag original, meaningful, and reach its full potential. The type of bag you choose will, of course, depend on how much swag you want in your wedding swag bag. You can go big with a beach tote, and customize it with a fun tagline for your wedding. If you want to give some smaller swag bags, you could go with a small pouch like this sweet pop pouch, another item you can put a tagline or name on. Both bags also come in different colors, making it easy to match them to your wedding theme.


This would likely be something more for your wedding party, but giving them and perhaps your close family a simple t-shirt with your wedding tagline, date or other fun artwork is  an easy, and fun, welcome gift and memento. Here is an example of a simple women’s, and simple men’s tee that are perfect wedding giveaways.

Journal and Pen

This is a sweet idea because you can promote reminiscing, something that is typically a positive and likely thought at a wedding. Your guests can use the journal and pen for whatever they wish, but if you include a small reminder of your wedding as the customizable design on the pair, then they may be so inclined to write a memory of it in their own journal, which they can continue to use for a long time after your celebration.

Other great Wedding Swag Bag Items

Some simple, fun ideas to include in a wedding swag bag, all of which you can personalize with whatever design you so choose.  These are all great ideas for destination wedding swag and/or to leave for guests that have travelled to attend the event.

Snacks like chocolate covered espresso beans or chocolates are great for hotel rooms or snacks during the big day.

You can also something for to go with the location. For warm weather locations  include lip balm or sunscreen or some fun branded sunglasses.

A few other items that can be fun for those traveling to the wedding are a small bluetooth speaker, and a great travel mug.

These fun wedding swag ideas will ensure that your wedding guests feel welcomed and appreciated by you on your big day.