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How to Distribute Gifts, Wellness Items and Boxes Directly to Employees

Send Swag Directly to Employees

With events cancelled, offices closed and many people working remotely, the way to distribute employee gifts or promotional products has changed. But sending gifts or tokens of appreciation to your employees and customers still has tremendous value.

Whether it is to let employees and customers know they are appreciated or help keep them safe and prepared, or to help move a sale closer to the finish line, receiving a package in the mail is a help. However sending items directly to individuals at home is a challenge. Luckily, swag.com makes it easy.

Direct Swag Distribution in a few, easy steps:

  1. Order any item available on swag.com and at the delivery portion of checkout select the add to inventory option and we will send your completed order to our fullfillment warehouse for distribution.
  2. Once your order is complete, you will see it in your Inventory in your Swag.com account. From there you can pull from inventory for shipping or create a giveaway to help collect addresses. To ship an item, you just select Send to multiple addresses.
  3. From there you can upload a .csv file with the addresses you’d like the items sent.
  4. Our system will calculate the shipping costs for you, enter payment the fees

5. Sit back and wait for your products to be delivered. That is it.

Don’t know everyone’s addresses?

Of your team or customers are working remotely, it is possible you don’t have their home addresses on file. We have a solution for that. You can use our Swag Giveaway feature to send a link for them to choose a product to be sent and enter their shipping information. Not only does this make it super easy to distribute swag to bigger remote teams, it is also a great tool for lead generation and/or customer appreciation.

Create a swag giveaway in a few, easy steps:

  1. Once you have swag available in your swag.com inventory. Choose the Create Giveaway feature on your my inventory page: 
  2. Name your Giveaway. 
  3. Choose the products to include and customize your giveaway landing page.
  4. Upload your list of email addresses to send the giveaway to create links for the giveaway.

Send out giveaway links to the people you want to send the items to and they can choose the items, colors, sizes and we handle the rest: 

Our Swag Distribution and Inventory platform makes sending swag directly to your employees easy.  What to learn more or see it in action, visit our Swag Inventory page.