How To Promote Employee Wellness with Custom Exercise Swag
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How To Promote Employee Wellness with Custom Exercise Swag

View our list of top 7 Exercise and Fitness Swag Items to Promote Employee Wellness and find out how to promote employee health and workplace wellness inside the company.

7 Exercise and Fitness Swag Ideas to Promote Employee Wellness & Wellbeing

Many companies are encouraging team based employee wellness programs that help employees stay active and healthy. Regular exercise can boost our overall physical and mental health and mood, but can also make for happier and more effective employees and a better work environment for all.

The good news is providing incentives can help improve employee engagement and can have positive effects for team building and morale. Here are some Fitness Swag suggestions that’ll give your team members the excitement they need to get those endorphins up and increase participation in your employee wellness programs.

1. Wireless Headphones

Everyone’s worst nightmare is getting to the gym and realizing they forgot their headphones. Here is a chance to make sure that never happens again. Our Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds are a lightweight wearable and portable solution to provide crisp, clear sound whether you’re pounding the pavement or hitting the treadmill.

2. Running Belt

“Phone, keys, wallet!” It’s the mantra we all recite before leaving the house…oh, that’s just us? What then is everyone doing with their stuff when they go on a run? Luckily, the Slazenger Reflective Belt is our solution to outdoor fitness and safety. In addition to pockets and water pouches, the belt incorporates a black reflective trim as an added benefit for after dark runners.

3. Quick Dry Towel

Even if your company has private gym memberships, post workouts can be sweaty times – especially as we head into these summer months. To cool down and dry off, we suggest our Go Go Rally Towels. We promise the 100% cotton will be the perfect solution to get you clean …even after a 90-minute hot yoga class.

4. Gloves

You never realize how much you need gloves until you’re without outside in the cold without them (those fall mornings sneak-up on you). So why not stock up on some great Touchscreen Gloves, and even spring for a few different colors? These soft, knit gloves are touchscreen compatible on the thumb, middle and index fingers. We don’t encourage texting while running, but isn’t it great when can you adjust your playlist with ease?

5. Stretch Band

While getting up your heart ratemight be your goal, it is also essential to keep your muscles flexible post workout. Whether at work or at home, our Yoga Stretch Band is a great item to have on hand as a tool to keep your joints loose. This lightweight accessory comes in several colors and barely takes up room. Perfect for workplace health and keeping blood pressure down.

6. Hot And Cold Pack

Another essential post-workout recovery item is our Plush Hot And Cold Pack. We know some like it hot, so throw the plush back in the microwave for an element of heat prior to placing on sore and tightened muscles. To keep it cool, store the plush material in the freezer and take out as needed.

7. Hats

Companies giving out free custom t-shirts is a tale as old as time, but do you know what everyone’s draws are full of? Free t-shirts that they aren’t wearing. Hats are a great alternative and underutilized option that have comparable pricing to t-shirts! The Cotton Dad Hat is guaranteed to get some action this summer’s local BBQs.

If you’re looking for better ear coverage, our super soft and fashionable Cotton Beanie can keep you cool and warm at the same time. Both are customizable and come in a variety of colors.

Hopefully this list helped inspire you with great ideas for employee wellness initiatives within your company, Healthy employees are happier employees. Encouraging a healthy lifestyle in the office can also help overall team morale and overall performance.

Feeling inspired to ramp up your Employee Wellness program and to encourage employees with some customized promotional products? Find out more and shop for fitness fun by viewing all wellness items or build a wellness swag box for your team.