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Jeremy Parker Featured on “The Thoughtful Entrepreneur” Podcast’s CEO, Jeremy Parker, recently appeared on The Thoughtful Entrepreneur podcast to tell the story of Swag. He explained the importance of social proof, and how the desire to gain it in the early days of led him and co-founder Josh Orbach to “hunt down” swag buyers at companies like Facebook and WeWork.

Jeremy discussed the thought process behind some of the site’s features to make life easier for office managers and anyone looking to buy swag. He advises young entrepreneurs that “You just have to feel passionate about a problem you’re solving, and listen to your customers to guide you.”

The Thoughtful Entrepreneur is a daily podcast that interviews entrepreneurs to share their story with the business world. Catch the full episode with Jeremy, hosted by Jen Amos and Josh Elledge, founder of Up My Influence, at the links below.

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