Press Coverage, Swag News CEO Jeremy Parker Talks Disrupting the Industry on “Misfit Entrepreneur” Podcast

The Misfit Entrepreneur podcast hosted CEO Jeremy Parker to talk all things branding and disrupting an industry set in its ways.

Jeremy spoke to host Dave Lukas about starting with a “top-down” approach, going for the big name clients right away and then building out the swag buying experience based on feedback. He discussed how a great name inspired a fresh take on an antiquated industry, among these other topics:

  • Getting relevant feedback to address pain points customers may have
  • Pivoting the business to find success in a challenging situation
  • The power a good business name holds for memory and branding
  • How “fear kills more dreams than failure ever could”

The Misfit Entrepreneur podcast provides insights from top entrepreneurs with a focus on their non-traditional methods for success. You can listen to the full episode with Jeremy on your favorite podcast platforms.

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