Top High-End Corporate Gifts & Luxury Promotional Products
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Top Custom High-End Corporate Gifts & Luxury Promotional Products

Explore this list of 7 of our favorite high-end promotional products from, perfect for luxury corporate gifts or employee appreciation gifts or awards.

If you’re looking to create personalized gifts for your best clients, top employees or any other discerning associate, you’ve come to the right place. has the best selection of highly-curated high-end corporate gifts, all of which are fully customizable and perfect for luxury business gifts. We’ll help you customize a gift box of personalized luxury items that stun clients and endear employees.

Moreover, our box feature and distribution platform ensure that the experience of shipping and receiving these exclusive gifts is as luxurious as they are.

Explore this list of our favorite high-end promotional products from, perfect for luxury corporate gifts or employee appreciation gifts. Never settle for Amazon gift cards again.

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Best Swag for High-End Corporate Gifts & Luxury Gift Boxes

After a certain rung on the ladder has been reached, it becomes difficult to provide someone a gift that they are not able to buy for themselves if they wanted to. That means the name of the game when gifting high-end items as corporate gifts is creativity, not just sheer expense.

The key is to choose client gifts that reflect an understanding of the receivers’ high-quality lifestyle.

Here are some of our favorite high-end custom gifts and promotional products for when totes, tumblers, drinkware or gift sets with golf balls when a t-shirt, water bottle or a key chain won’t cut it:

High End Promotional Products

Ascolour Carrie Tote Bag

High end tote bags make a difference at events— trust us. Stand out from the crowd with a brandable tote that people will use for years to come. We love this version because it’s sturdy, and comes in a bunch of very unique colors.

Hydropod Grow Kit 

This grow-your-own plant kit is an awesome giveaway item event attendees are sure to want to bring home for the kids, or themselves! Comes with everything you need to grow a basil plant using hydroponic means. 

Blunt Metro Umbrella

Umbrellas are a sleeper-hit when it comes to event swag. This model from Blunt is fashionable, sleek, and compact, while offering protection in strong winds and rain. 

Anker Powercore Charger

A portable power bank that doubles as a wall charger is incredibly useful, saving an extra wire and reducing the need for more gear. With your logo emblazoned you can be sure you’ll get exposure for many years.

Cocktail Kit

Especially at events where folks are staying in hotels from out of town, cocktail kits make great giveaway items that will get you noticed. Just combine with mini-bar liquor and you’ve got a drink ready to go!

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Luxury Branded Tech Gifts

Skullcandy Crusher Evo Headphones

With 40 hours of battery life, superior noise-canceling technology and a microphone for calls, this gift is sure to be appreciated by frequent travelers. These make perfect end of year gifts for clients and employees.

Mophie Wireless XL Power Bank

No one likes carrying around more things than they need to, which is what makes this a great tech gift – this power bank has wireless charging capabilities, plus outlets for USB devices. 

Bose SoundLink Bluetooth Speaker

Bose is the industry leader when it comes to rich audio, and this thoughtfully-designed device shows why. It’s chic and rugged, offering powerful sound at home or out on the road. 

Mophie Charging Stand

Offer a sophisticated gift for the home office with the perfect desk charging station from Mophie. Charge up to four devices at once, all from a minimal dock that bears your logo tastefully. 

Custom TileMate Pro

Attach the TileMate Pro to important items like keys and purses, and locate it from 400 ft using a free app. Never lose track of your things, and even use it in reverse to find your phone. 

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Luxury Custom Apparel

TenTree Sweatpants

Available in both women’s and men’s sizing, TenTree sweatpants are the top of the line when it comes to leisure wear. Extremely soft, environmentally friendly, and tailored for the perfect fit, they are a great option for end of year gifts.

North Face Fleece

We love this fleece because it’s just as great in the office as it is out on the trails. The North Face makes clothes built to last, and we promise your audience will treasure this gift for years to come. 

Marine Layer Corbet Pullover

Marine Layer is known for their lightweight, comfortable apparel that’s designed to be worn for a long time. This attractive pullover is one of the most in-demand pieces of branded apparel for office workers and clients.

TravisMathew Coto Polo

This performance polo from golf and leisure experts TravisMathew is sure to be appreciated by both travelers and golfers alike. Screen print or embroider your logo in three separate locations. 

Feat BlanketBlend Crew

You will never see a more comfortable piece of swag in your entire life. Feat’s signature fabric blend is insanely soft, with a fuzzy on the inside finish that people will never want to take off. 

High-End Custom Drinkware

Ember Mug

Ember makes smart mugs that can keep your drinks at the perfect temperature for hours on end. Control them using a bluetooth app, and charge them wirelessly on a gorgeous coaster.

Corkcicle Drinkware

Corckcicle creates high end glassware, water bottles, tumblers and more. They have a unique look that sets them apart from other companies, as well as excellent thermal regulation technology.

MiiR Drinkware

MiiR designs rugged drinkware and drinkware accessories that allow you to live your best life when you’re out and about. Their coffee products are unique and useful, but we really love their wine thermos the most.

Fellow Everywhere Tumbler

Fellow’s 16oz Everywhere tumbler is a coffee lover’s dream. Keep your morning brew hot well into the afternoon, or keep the afternoon cold brew chilly until the day is done. 

Luxury Branded Travel Items

Bellroy Sling Bag

Sling bags are all the range, and this version from Bellroy shows why: it’s convenient, attractive and so useful when you are traveling. Add a subtle logo to this excellent gift for VIP clients or employees.

Topo Designs Rover Pack

Branded backpacks are beloved items for new employees and clients alike. Topo Designs crushed it with their Rover Pack, a tactical and beautiful pack that’s perfect for adventures big and small. 

MiiR Pourigami Coffee Maker

This unique pour over coffee maker was designed to be used while camping, or any other adventure outdoors. It folds down into a flat, packable shape for easy storage. 

Mophie Go Rugged Flashlight

Flashlights might not seem like the most intuitive gift for branding— but this flashlight will last a lifetime, giving you the opportunity to associate your brand with peace of mind. 

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Luxury Branded Home Goods

Serene House Diffusers

Serene House makes all sorts of essential oil diffusers for use in the home and office. Pick from wooden machines, as well as more modern looking versions. All come with the ability to add your company logo.

TenTree Cable Blanket

This cable-knit throw blanket is the perfect weight for chilly nights and curling up on the couch. Comes in black and white colors, with a subtle, brandable tag in one corner. 

Fellow Coffee Products

Fellow makes top-of-the line coffee products that just look stunning. We recommend their french press and kettle for companies hoping to make a big impact on coffee lovers.

S’Well Ice Bucket

Class up parties with a modern version of an old-fashioned ice bucket. This will keep ice solid for hours and cut a dash at the same time. Comes with chrome tongs for serving.

Solo Stove Bonfire

With Solo Stove you can create a smoke-free, highly efficient fire almost anywhere. Use in the backyard, beach, camping trip or wherever you find yourself outdoors. 

Luxury Branded Wellness Gifts

FitBit Versa 2 Smart Watch

Track all types of health metrics including workout activities, heart-rate, sleep patterns and more. The Versa 2 is water-resistant and comes in several colorways.

Theragun Elite Massager

Used by pro-athletes and health conscious individuals around the world, this concussion massage tool helps stimulate deep-tissue healing and offers relief from muscle soreness and tightness.

Alo Moves Fitness Subscription 

A great gift for employers looking to boost employee wellness, Alo Moves is a subscription health app that provides digital classes in wellness activities like weightlifting, yoga, meditation and more.

Slowtide Fitness Towel

This towel is an ideal wellness gift because it’s something many people would not think to buy for themselves. Its advanced technology allows it to be super absorbent and portable.

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Environmentally-Friendly and Socially Conscious Gifts

17oz Ocean Bottle

Ocean Bottle is a brand with a mission beyond profit: for every reusable water bottle sold, they collect and recycle 1,000 plastic water bottles that would otherwise end up in our oceans. What’s more, their flagship water bottle is incredibly well-designed. Win win!

TenTree Apparel

TenTree produces high-quality apparel in ways that maximize reusable materials, promote environmental conservation and reduce water usage. For every garment sold, the company plants ten trees around the world.

Known Supply Apparel

Known Supply is a certified B-Corp apparel company who focuses on high-end basics made with ethical labor and environmentally sustainable materials.

Considerations for high-end, personalized gifting

When you have a bigger budget for swag, the gifting possibilities are much greater. If you want other ideas or need help brainstorming, contact us and one of our Account Managers will be glad to help you come up with the perfect executive gifts for your team, or your best customers.

These promotional gifts are also great for special giveaways at corporate events to really show employees or clients that you appreciate them. Even better, you can even get a full color company logo and personalize brand name added to all of these promotional items too. Go beyond the paperweights and tote bags and find something unique with our range of custom corporate gifts at

Your packaging must be as high-quality as your gift ideas

Remember that the way people receive their gift box matters almost as much as what’s in them. makes it easy to add your personalized, high end items into fully custom swag boxes. These beautiful boxes can be designed to your exact specifications, including notecards that you can customize. When it comes to client gifts for high-end customers, you have to make sure the entire experience sends a message.

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Use our Swag Distribution platform to send client gifts and employee appreciation gift baskets wherever, whenever

It’s not just how and what high-quality gifts get included in your gift boxes that make a difference with high-end corporate gifting: it’s also when they get received.

With in person business meetings not happening, finding new ways to make connections and engage your employees and customers is more important than ever. can send any swag item you order directly to individuals at any address, anywhere in the world.

Whether you want to let your top employees know they are doing a great job, or reach out to a top prospect with a custom gift that will know their socks off, we make the process of sending personalized gift boxes easy as cake. Our Distribution platform will let you shop, store and ship and items you want. This means you can seamlessly send client gifts the moment you leave a meeting, or deliver a high-quality reward to your top sales person the second they convert an important referral.

See our Swag distribution page to learn more.

Want to chat with someone on the team about your next gifting or swag initiative? Fill out the form below and one of our expert curators will reach out as soon as possible.