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Must-Pack Travel Swag Giveaways

Top swag to give to frequent travelers

Many of your best customers and prospects (and even your own employees) are on the road a lot. If you are sponsoring a conference or trade show, that is a lot of travelers you are meeting! A great way to make an impression with those that travel often is to give them things that are useful when they travel. Don’t worry, has you covered! Here are some promotional items that will help you to stay organized, stay connected, and stress free while traveling.

1) Small, but Mighty Necessities

While these items might seem small, they are very useful when traveling and make great Swag giveaways or gifts to a frequent traveller.

  • An old-school watch is appreciated by frequent travelers. Our Fashion Watch is a reliable timekeeper to help lessen the stress often associated with traveling. Not only does the watch look nice, but it will  keep you on schedule if your phone dies and you are running late for a flight, a bus, or a meeting.
  • For those of you who enjoy writing about your travels, packing the Austin journal is a must. The journal is great for travel due to its small size and handy storage pouch located on the front. Whether you use the journal for an out of town meeting, or as a place to document your memories, the Austin journal can fit snugly into a briefcase or purse compartment.
  • Staying healthy and hydrated while traveling is something many of us often forget to prioritize and nobody likes collecting and throwing away plastic bottles. Our swag bottle is a sturdy and reusable water bottle that is easy to slide into a carry-on purse, backpack, or briefcase.
  • Another health pro-tip while traveling is to always have hand sanitizer on-hand. The clip and go hand sanitizer is great for traveling due to the clip which can attach to everything from a toiletry bag, a wallet, or even your keys. The clip and go sanitizer come in handy on airplanes, or the crowded subway and is a must for staying healthy and protected from germs.

2) Travel Tech
Technology has made traveling both easier and more enjoyable. Luckily, most tech items are small enough to fit in carry-on items and portable.

  • We can all relate to that sinking feeling when the low-battery light comes on, just before boarding a flight without an outlet. The square charger is a portable charging device perfect for plugging in a phone or tablet anytime and anywhere.
  • The ace pods are a portable and wireless Bluetooth headphone set, perfect for long car rides in the backseat, a twelve-stop metro journey, a bumpy bus ride, or delayed flights.
  • Let’s be honest though, you can only listen to that same podcast so many times, pack your Amazon Kindle EReader in your purse, and reconnect with some of your favorite books.
  • Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones are the perfect high-end gift to give to a frequent traveler.

Find a Travel Bag That is Right for You

Before embarking on a trip, it is important to really think about what bag is right for your specific travels. Will you be going from meeting to meeting? Will you need to carry your bags for long distances? Do you have unlimited space for your bags during transportation? You can ask yourself all of these before packing.

Work travel can be stressful, so giving promotional items that can help make the experience easier is a great way to stand out to your prospects and customers, or to make your employees know you appreciate their long hours on the road.