Maximize Your Team’s Physical Space With These Facilities Resources
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Maximize Your Team’s Physical Space With These Facilities Resources

Run A Tight Ship With These Facilities Management Resources

We know that the space we work in is crucial. We want to keep it clean and safe for all our employees and make sure that we know what’s coming and going from our offices. Keeping up with your office is a crucial part of managing it, which is why we wanted to talk to you about these facilities tools that can help you manage the physical space of your office efficiently and easily.

Our inaugural Swag 100 list offers a slate of tools for office managers. We wanted to delve deeper into this list by taking a closer look at the tools we mentioned in each category. Today we are delving deeper into the facilities category.


With so many packages coming in and out of your office, it would be nice to have a place to find all that information within a tool you use already. Backtrack is a tracking service that allows you to track packages from your FedEx, UPS, and USPS deliveries all within Slack! With the help of Backtrack, you will always be able to quickly track packages across all the usual packaging suspects, making your job as an office manager way easier.


Sometimes you need a little more space. Whether you need space to host a meeting with a client or to get your team inspired again with an off-site, Breather will help you with beautiful and distraction-free spaces at a reasonable price. You can book spaces with Breather for a few hours, a few days, or even a month or more and the meeting spaces are beautifully designed with productivity in mind.


Running an office consists of various components. Sometimes work calls for more than just managing people, but also maintaining the space you stay in. Eden helps keep your office in tip-top shape by providing a plethora of services. You can do everything from task management to hiring services like cleaning, IT, and a handyman through Eden. Eden will be your office’s best friend as you try to keep everything in the office fixed and clean.


Your office likely has many guests throughout the day, and it can be tough to keep up with everyone who visits your space. Envoy helps you quickly sign-in visitors, print visitor passes, and manage everyone that should be in your office–all from your iPad! This streamlined way of signing in helps your guests get to their meetings quickly and easily while giving you the tools you need to get them in the building safely.


Keeping up with office requests can be a big headache. With so many demands on paper and in passing, how do you make sure you get to them all? Hivy will be your team’s go-to place for office requests so you can manage them all. Your team can also rank these by priority, so you know what you need to get to ASAP.

Managed by Q

Your office needs services, and Managed by Q helps you get those services quickly. Whether you need cleaning, maintenance/repairs, security, workplace staffing, or something else altogether–you can find what you need in a snap with Managed by Q. There is no need to look across multiple websites or work with dozens of companies for simple office management tasks anymore.


Your space runs more smoothly when you have smart technology behind it. Nest lets you purchase smart thermostats, cameras, doorbells, alarm systems, locks, smoke/CO alarms, and more so you can power your company with technology that will help you run it more effectively.


Who doesn’t love a little bit of office inspiration? Officelovin’ is your go-to destination for the inner workings of beautiful offices across various tech and startup companies. You will never run out of inspiration for how you can take your business space up a notch.


There are so many random chores around your office that need to get done, and you may handle and prioritize them all as an office manager, even though they aren’t your domain. OfficeAmp allows you to receive requests, prioritize them, and delegate them to the right people in four simple steps all within Slack (a platform you likely already use.)


With all the people who occupy your office and the various meeting spaces, you have to coordinate to avoid dicey booking situations and running out of space for meetings. Robin helps your team coordinate office spaces efficiently by becoming your go-to office booking system. When scheduling goes through Robin, you can rest assured that your team will never fight over meeting space again.


You are often inundated with questions that you have previously answered. Re-answering questions slows you and your team down, wouldn’t a knowledge base be so much better? Spoke helps you create a knowledge base your team members can use to answer simple questions about your office facilities needs while giving them the opportunity to submit tickets for more complex issues. With Spoke you can automate your ticketing system in more ways than one, making sure that your answering questions that need your full attention.