When employees look for a job, one of the first things they want to know about is the company’s culture and company values. Since the average employee typically spends 40+ hours at work each week, when a new employee joins a team they want to make sure they’ll fit well with the team and that there’s a healthy, balanced company culture waiting on the first day. Even though office culture-building tends to be a soft skill, there’s a growing crop of new technology-driven culture tools that can help make creating a great culture easier than ever. Many business leader are getting on board with these incentives because they are great for ensuring a productive work environment that helps meet a company’s goals and core values.

Gone are the days when a token foosball table is put in the break room and considered enough to maintain a happy office space. Today employers and employees see the benefits of an improved work-life balance, and personal growth. Building strong relationships with your employees is important for both large and small businesses alike.

Culture Tools Roundup

Our inaugural Swag 100 list offers a variety of tools for office managers organized into useful categories that you can reference when you’re looking for a solution to a certain problem or to fill a specific need. In this post, we’ll take a deep dive into the “Culture” category to examine new tools and platforms that you can implement to lift up your culture.


When you want a tool that manages it all in the culture category, 15Five is a great investment. This app makes continuous employee feedback simple for your business. One of our favorite tools that 15Five offers are best-self reviews! Instead of offering a yearly review, 15Five best-self reviews give your employees a chance get continuous feedback and reviews from the people who matter most to their role within the company.


Celebrating a birthday in the office is always awesome, who doesn’t love eating free cake? What’s not fun? Forgetting someone’s birthday or not knowing it at all. BirthdayBot is a Slack app that helps you solve these problems, so you can celebrate your workers and take advantage of every opportunity to have sweets in the office.
BirthdayBot sends a personalized birthday message to each of your workers, and the Slack app can even show a list of birthdays and send your team reminders of upcoming birthdays, so everyone’s on the same page.

Culture Amp

Acting on feedback is an integral part of growing as an employee. It is often difficult to take in input from various sources and change your business or perfect your day-to-day actions as an employee. Culture Amp makes it easy to collect, understand, and act on employee feedback so you can use the information you are gathering in a useful way.


When your employees feel appreciated, they work harder. It can be challenging to make sure everyone gets the praise they deserve promptly, and that’s where Disco comes in as a culture tool that’ll make recognition easier and more important in your culture. Disco allows your team to hand out stars and appreciate team members throughout the week, not just at awards lunches. Anyone can share appreciation with the Disco Slack integration, which makes it easy for your employees to recognize each other.


Meeting employees outside of your department can be tough, especially when you belong to a huge company! One of our culture tools, Donut, helps your employees clear up these issues by assigning them a random person to hang out with each week (or whatever interval you set up.) Donut is wonderful because it allows your team members to meet new people whether you work in a corporate office or remotely.


Take employee engagement and rewards to the next level with Fond. Fond allows you to upload your employee list along with specific rewards and perks that they can redeem around town. Everyone loves a great discount just for being the amazing employee they already are. Rewards are easy to take on the go because Fond offers a mobile app for your employees to utilize.


Checking in on your employees to make sure that they are happy and healthy isn’t always easy. With so much going on at work every day, it can be difficult to check in with your employees between meetings and phone calls. Friday allows you to check in with each employee every week to see how happy they are with your company and the work they are doing. Then you can see an aggregated, anonymous report that you can use to make any necessary changes at work.


When your employees succeed, your company succeeds too. Glint helps you understand what your employees are capable of so your employees can reach their fullest potential. Investing in Glint’s services and technology will provide you more knowledge about your employees so you can meet them where they are and then some.


Running an office is fabulous, but it can be even better when you are on top of things. When your employees are working together harmoniously, and there are no problems to be seen, everything is perfect. Officevibe helps you communicate better with your team so you can work proactively instead of reacting to a problem after it’s already wreaked havoc on your office. Officevibe is a problem solving tool you need to turn your issues into conversations and solutions every time.

Reward Gateway

Your employees are amazing, and they deserve to be rewarded for it! RewardGateway is here to help you reward your employees by allowing conversations between your employees, allowing various recognition and rewards options, and even surveying your employees. Reward Gateway is an excellent solution for office managers who want to engage their employees and bring them closer together.

Office culture tools can provide a positive impact and improve the overall work experience and ultimately the bottom line of a business. It is hard work maintaining employee retention rates and any tool that can monitor well-being, work towards building trust and ensure happy employees is definitely something that should be considered.

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