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Top Company Event Planners Discuss 2021 Holiday Party Planning Strategy with The Vendry

“We used to judge the success of an event [before Covid] by how many people we were able to get into the room. Now, we look at how many people stay in the room and why.” —  Victoria Gutowski, Engagement & Strategic Events Manager at Noom

Last week, The Vendry hosted event and culture experts from top companies to discuss office holiday planning for 2021. Jitter Garcia of Univision, Berenice Lai of Momentive, and Tori Gutowski of Noom all have a game plan when it comes to celebrating safely.

Organizing a company holiday celebration is more challenging this year than ever. Each employee may be on a different comfort level when it comes to in-person gatherings, and it’s important to make everyone feel safe. Many big name companies are sticking to a virtual gathering this year — but after a year of Zoom fatigue, how can you make your virtual holiday party inclusive and engaging?

Some memorable tips from these event professionals include:

  • Survey your employees about their preferences (in-person vs. virtual) and rely on data to make a decision.
  • Get creative with activities. Univision hosted a virtual cooking show where employees submitted their own recipes!
  • Take advantage of the many virtual event tools that have popped up in the past year to keep everyone tuned in.
  • Expect the unexpected. Even if hosting an in-person gathering, many event planners are creating contingency plans, just in case.
  • Throw in a thoughtful gift — bonus points if it’s incorporated into an activity during the holiday party!

Of course, holiday events will look different again this year. Keep the focus on making your celebration safe and memorable for success. 

In case you missed it – watch the full chat below.