Top Branded Office Supply Products
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Top Promotional Office Supply Products

Best Selling Office Swag in 2019

Customized Office Supplies are among our most popular items. They are versatile, can be used in your office or as a giveaway at trade shows or to office visitors and can be branded and customized in lots of fun ways.

Here are the most popular custom office supply items at from 2019.

Custom Branded Pens

Branded Pens are among the most popular swag items, as they are good for a wide variety of occasions, always needed and are a budget friendly promotional products.

Here are our best selling Pens from 2019:

Jotter Pen – This is by far our most popular pen. It is a good quality pen at a really affordable price. Also it is available in many fun colors.

Grip Roller – This rolling pen writes like a dream. It is a classic style that looks great when branded with your logo. Great for a giveaway or for everyday use in the office.

Javalina – Another great option with fun color combinations. Really comfortable to hold in the hand and writes wonderfully.

The General – This is one of the most popular retractable pens across the promotional product industry. A big selection for colors make it great for a supplying your office or handing out a big trade show.

Branded Desk Accessories

These items are perfect for keeping your office workspaces organized and helping your employees stay productive all while rocking your brand colors and logos.

Pop Pen Cup – This pen cup keeps your pens & pencils happy & contained. It is a great addition to any desk, and is available in a bunch of awesome, bright colors. Match them with any of the pens above and the desks in your office will be bright, fun and organized.

Pop Stapler – This stapler is a good companion for the Pop Pen Cup. Available in the same colors and a must for every desk.

Bookmark & Clip – This PVC bookmark and clip is a subtle way to promote your brand on the daily. Also a really great budget friendly giveaway or a great option to include some branding with a book gift.

Colorful Calculator – This calculator is a really fun promotional item. It is customizable in a bunch of different ways that can really make your brand stand out.

Customized Journals and Notebooks

Journals and notebooks are really great for office swag and for giveaways. Your employees will really appreciate having a stash of these in the office to help stay organized and on top of their to-do lists. These also make amazing giveaways to customers and prospects.

The Softy – This soft covered notebook is our best selling notebook. It is size and soft cover make it the perfect option for carrying around, from desk to meetings and then in your bag for travel or commuting. It is available in many colors and has a few different decoration methods to make them pop with your logo and brand colors.

The Hard Cover – Simiar to the Softy, but for those that prefer a hard cover that is a little more sturdy and classic. Also available in many colors and can be debossed or screen printed.

The Nook– This linen soft cover notebook is a unique option for your brand. It has a classic look and is very light and portable.

Moleskine Ruled Hard Cover – Moleskine is the standard in high-quality notebooks and journals. People love them, so they make really great giveaways or gifts. People whisper about which booth at trade shows are giving away Moleskines.  We have many different Moleskine options on but this Ruled Hard Covered Journal is the most popular option.