Travel Swag & Promotional Travel Products for Vacations
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Travel Swag & Promotional Travel Products for Vacations

Find out what our top picks are for Travel Swag and best promotional travel products that are must haves for your vacations this summer or any season at

Top 5 Must-Have Customized Swag Products for Travel

Summer is right around the corner and a great way to make your employees feel appreciated is to give them some company branded swag before they head out on a well-deserved vacation. Looking beyond t-shirts, tank tops and basic luggage tags, here are our top five must-haves for customized swag travel giveaways that go beyond your average trade show swag.

1. Travel Bags

Hitting the beach? Our Zipper Beach Tote bag is an essential! It can fit everything the perfect beach day requires. Complete with a zipper to keep all your goodies in and all the sand out, it makes a great sport bag, shoe bag, travel bag and more.

Looking for a weekend away? Our Hershel Duffel is a Swag bag that will get you there!  As an alternative, check out the Adidas Duffel Bag which comes complete with its own shoe compartment and extra padded shoulder straps!

Weekends aren’t always enough. Need a week or more? The Patagonia Black Hole Duffel is going to be your best friend! The name says it all for packing all the things you need (and really don’t need but are going to pack anyways). This bag has your back in all elements thanks to its water repellent finish.

2. Personal Care and Travel Accessories

Every travel bag needs a little travel bag! Fit all your toiletry and travel kit needs into our Travel Dopp Kit. It’s waterproof lining will protect your travel bag from that shampoo bottle that just couldn’t keep it together or the liquid eyeliner that nearly ruined your new white pants. The kit fits water bottles, pill boxes, chargers, and more for your day to day needs.

Don’t leave for your trip without personal care items such as sunscreen and lip balm.

3. Sleep in Comfort

Sleeping is important, so is comfort. Don’t get on that plane without our Hoodie Pillow. Made of memory foam and designed to put your average neck pillow to shame, you’ll thank me later!

4. Stay Clean While Traveling

Everyone has a little germophobe in them and we’re here to help remind you that our hand sanitizers are going to be your best friend. Latch it onto your bag, keys, even your belt loop! It comes in multiple colors and small enough to fit in your pocket.

5. Bright Sunlight Wherever You Travel

Whether downtown or on the golf course, the sun is bright. Don’t leave without our Islander Sunglasses! The distant cousin of Ray Bans that you’ll love but won’t feel so bad about leaving in a cab after too many rounds of the Macarena!

Find out more about our range of Travel Swag products and customize your own holiday gear and travel items here at From company executive gifts to summer giveaways, ask us how you can print out some custom travel products and promotional items today.