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Ideas for Using Swag for New Employee Recruitment

Traditionally we have seen companies use promotional products (aka swag) in their recruitment efforts at in-person events like job fairs or on-campus career days. Thoughtful swag can help increase your brand awareness and raise your profile among the job applicants you are seeking and help drive interest in your company and job openings.

However, these days recruitment has changed. Job fairs and campus recruitment events will probably not be returning anytime soon. However, swag and promotional products can still be a big help in getting your brand stand out from the crowd .

Here are a few ideas where you can use swag in your virtual recruiting efforts.

Virtual Job Fairs

In-person job fairs usually give employers a chance to gain some face-to-face time with potential employees and provide a chance to hand out traditional swag giveaways. Things like lip balms, hand sanitizers, pens, or tech acessories are great options for these types of events.

However with job fairs moving virtual, it might be time to rethink these items. Now swag can be a great way to follow-up with the best potential applicants. After an event, you can send these great candidates a small swag giveaway link in a follow-up email and allow them to chose an item to recieve as a thank-you. This will help you stay fresh in their mind, make a post-event connection and help your brand stand out.

Thank You During Virtual Interview Process

Interviewing remotely for a job can be difficult for both the interviewer and interviewee. It often lacks that personal connection that can be established during on-site interviews. One way that you can help engage a promising candidate and to thank them for their time is to send a small swag gift or for a more competitive or executive-level position, a higher value gift can really help you stand out.

For the smaller gifts, things likes water bottles, notebooks, or power banks are great options. For a more executive-level or high-value applicant you want something that will make a bigger impression. Things like Yeti products or cool tech items like a Kindle or Tile Mate.

Onboarding Remote New Hires and Interns

New Hire Kits (aka onboarding swag) are a perfect way to welcome your new employees or interns into your organization, especially for remote workers or interns. These new hire swag boxes can be sent directly to your new staff at home and are a great way to show them some love on their first days on your team.

These boxes should include items that are useful for their remote work. Things like journals, pens or a compete office desk set are great options. Also apparel items can will help spread good feelings about joining your team. A great t-shirt or hoodie are classic welcome items. Or you also can’t go wrong with a great baseball cap or mug as well.

Humanize your Virtual Recruiting

These are just a few of the ways you can help engage your prospective employees during a virtual recruitment process. The most important thing to consider is how you can make this human connection and help your brand standout to job seekers. can help you find the right swag or design a custom swag box and help you store and ship these items to individuals as needed.