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What’s New at Swag.com

At Swag.com, we’re constantly improving our platform to give our customers all the power in the world to shop, store and ship the best swag and gifts around. 

We’re excited to share a project with you that explains how we are trying to simplify the swag buying and management process. Take a minute to check out this mesmerizing new look at everything we do here at Swag.com.

This month we’re excited to share a few quick updates on projects and improvements we’ve been working on to make life easier for HR managers, sales people, office managers and event gurus around the world. Our focus has been on making our swag management platform even more robust by offering new tools and upgraded solutions to our customers. 

Here’s are some more details on recent updates we have made:

We’ve made it even easier to create custom gift boxes.

Our new build-a-box process means creating fully custom swag boxes is as simple as can be. We’ve re-engineered our process to cut down the steps it takes, ensuring the process is straightforward and easy. Here’s how it works:

  1. Add the products you want to include to your cart
  2. Click the “build a box” button from your cart
  3. Choose the box customization options you want
  4. Select any add-ons you want to include, such as personalized note cards or snacks
  5. You’re done! Check out and choose how to ship your boxes

Remember, custom boxes can be sent in bulk to one address, or shipped to as many addresses as you need using our swag distribution feature. You can also create boxes and store them at our facility, where they’ll be waiting to ship wherever you need at a moment’s notice. 

Introducing Swag.com credits: a simple way to manage your gifting needs! 

Swag.com credits give you the ability to streamline payment for your swag and swag management, so you don’t have to enter your payment information more than once. 1 credit = $1.00, and once you’ve purchased credits you can withdraw them any time. Swag credits are a great way to:

  • Spend today’s excess budget on tomorrow’s swag needs
  • Set a budget for other employees to spend when ordering swag
  • Centralize and streamline storage fees for swag management

You can purchase swag credits by visiting the “My inventory” section of our site when you have logged in to your account!

Thanks for checking out what’s new with us! If you have any questions, or are interested in speaking with an expert member of our team about your swag needs, please fill out the form below and we will be in touch soon.