10 Creative Ways to Welcome New Employees
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10 Creative Ways to Welcome New Employees

Do your best to let your new employees how happy you are to have them on the team? Set them up for success and show support by doing one of these creative ways of welcoming new employees.

Congratulations – You’ve made a new hire! Interviewing is a grueling process on both ends and hopefully, you’ve found the perfect match to create a long-standing mutually beneficial relationship for the business. Now that this new hire is coming into the workplace, they’re not going to know anyone, what their new normal will be (despite it bring where they spend 40+ hours a week,) or even where the bathroom is.

So why not do your best to let them know how happy you are to have them on the team? Set them up for success and show support by doing one of these creative ways of welcoming new employees:

1. Decorate Their Workspace!

This idea stems right back to the good ole days in elementary school when kids would decorate the birthday boy or girl’s locker. Decorate the new hire’s workspace with a welcome sign, streamers, anything else that adds a pop of color to their desk. It may seem silly but it will definitely make everyone smile and make your new employee feel welcomed.

2. Swag Box

It’s also nice to give a new employee something personal too! A box of company swag waiting on their new desk is a great way to say “we are glad you joined our team.” A good swag box will have products they will use. We suggest a fresh notebook and a few pens so they have somewhere to write notes on their first day. They will be taking in a lot of new information and probably will want to write it down.

3. Welcome Card

Show new hires that you’ve been expecting them with a welcome card. A little message and signature from each of their new team members can set off the new relationships on a great note. Not only is it an introduction to each member of the team, but the card can also be a great keepsake for them to remember this important day.

4. Welcome Handbook

A first-day handbook can the best way to start off a new employee on the right foot. It’s important to include special tips or tricks that more veterans colleagues think the new employee should know. Also, include checklists for the first day, week and month to make sure the new hire completest necessary milestones or trainings, signs up for specific programs or even downloads specific applications on their computer that are essential to their performance.

5. Slack or Virtual Intro

A virtual welcome to the team is the fastest and easiest way to make a new employee announcement. As more companies move to a remote work-style, this option might be the most efficient way to introduce a new hire to as many people in the team and company as possible. Add the new hire to all relevant channels with a big welcome chat and let the organic conversations begin!

6. Announcement on Company’s Social Channels

This is a low-cost way to show the new hire some love! There are two options for taking the social media route. One way is to ask the new hire to submit a photo and background bio of their choice that can be shared online. The second option is to announce that there will be a new hire, their name, the role they are stepping into, and how excited the team is for them to begin. Whether posted on Facebook, Instagram, or Linkedin, this lets the social audience (fans and/or clients) know a little more personal information about the account they are interacting with, which can be positive and authentic.

7. Company Wide Newsletter Email

Another easy and low-cost way to welcome a new employee is a company-wide newsletter to introduce a new hire internally. The newsletter can be specific with background information or a bio on the new hire or be more general to include the name, title, and start date – either way, it gives everyone a heads up that there will be a fresh friendly face in the office. A fun option is to have the new employee send some fun facts about themselves to include.

8. Lunch

There is a lot to take in on the first day, week, or month at a new job. That’s why having someone, or a group of people take the new hire to lunch can be the mental health and support they need. In addition to team bonding, it’s nice to have someone show you around the area for the best places to grab a quick meal! Doesn’t hurt if the meal is on the welcome meal is on the company’s dime.

9. Happy Hour

A post-work happy hour can be a great way to introduce the new hire to other members of their team outside from on-boarding and training. Throughout the workday, it’s stressful having to teach or be taught new tasks, finish paperwork, or get the grand tour of the office. However, after hours everything is a bit more relaxed. This can be the time to get to know people on a more personal level and form true relationships.

10. Buddy System With Other Departments

Most often roles involve collaborating on projects across various departments. Having a buddy, or a mentor from each department is a way for the new to have previously been introduced to team members on Sales, Marketing, HR, etc and how their organizational structure works, prior to needing something from them.

First impressions mean a lot, so make sure you are doing something that makes your new employee feel welcome, integrates them into the team and sets them up for success. If you are interested in creating a new hire welcome kit, check out our popular New Employee Welcome Box or create your own fully custom swag box.  Or learn more about our swag in a box program.