Swag Ideas for Gyms & Fitness
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11 Swag Ideas for Gyms and Fitness Businesses or Employee Wellness Initiatives

Best Promotional Products for Fitness and Wellness Business and Employee Programs

Gyms and other Fitness based businesses can stand out by giving or selling custom swag to its customers.  Likewise, encouraging team-based employee wellness programs can improve productivity at work, increase employee engagement and team morale. All the while, helping employees stay active and healthy. Giving those participating in these programs swag as incentive can be a big help.

Considering its rise in popularity not only in work place life but also as a source of income for people such as influencers on different social medias, the fitness business has grown highly competitive.

You can include a swag bag when someone joins your gym or signs up for a wellness program or fitness routine. Another idea would be to have weekly or monthly giveaways of nicer or more expensive items to entice your customers or employees. A classic t-shirt with your business’s logo is always a great option as a branded gift and something to wear during workouts. But here are 11 other swag ideas to make your gym or fitness business original and popular.

Water Bottle

We can start out simple with a water bottle. This is a necessity for any fitness guru along with people who are not quite as active. Giving your customers or employees a durable, functional water bottle will give them something to bring along for hydration and  feel your support for their efforts. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Contigo Chug – his water bottle is durable, attractive, and has a loop and straw for functionality.
  • Blender Bottle – This awesome stainless steel shaker bottle and it’s BlenderBall wire whisk make this a great option for those that want to mix shakes or protein drinks on-the-go.

Custom Sweatshirts

A good sweatshirt is a great more visbile option than a branded t-shirt. It gives your customer or team member a functional item for a cool weather run or travel to-and-from the gym. Here are two of our favorite custom hoodies:

  • The Rhone Terry zip-up for men is great option. It’s water-resistance and moisture-wicking make it a great exercise option.
  • This comfortable Ogio Endurance fleece for women allows comfort and warmth on the trip to the gym but looks stylish and can be worn with anything

Duffel Bag

A swag item that is a tad more expensive that you can use for giveaways or reward to members is a nice custom logo duffel bag. Some our favorite  duffel bags for gym goers use are:

Fitness Equipment and Accessories

Finally, a swag bag with different smaller, easy-to-use gym equipment can make your gym or fitness business innovative when it comes to swag.  Or as stand alone items these can be good team wellness giveaways. Our fitness collection has a large selection of different items to choose from, but here are a few of our most popular options:

All of these items would be perfect for a small exercise swag bag to give to your members or advertise your business to potential customers or members or as standalone items.

All these swag ideas will make your gym or fitness program or business stand out and make your members feel appreciated.