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8 Home Office Instagram Accounts To Inspire Your WFH Setup

The home office had its shining moment back in 2020 — but thanks to increasingly flexible work trends, it looks like it’s here to stay for tons of employees around the globe.

Having a dedicated workspace makes it easier to separate home life from work life all under the same roof. Most people spend a majority of the week working, so it’s important to consider how the work environment looks and feels. A great WFH space is clean, energizing and sparks joy with personal touches. Just because it’s a work area, doesn’t mean it has to be stark and boring! 

We’ve rounded up our favorite home office design accounts on Instagram to show how remote employees make their workspace their own. From bold to minimal to cozy and beyond, the possibilities are limitless!


“Inspired Home Office Designs” certainly lives up to its name! This account boasts over a thousand photos of thoughtfully designed work spaces. From corner desk nooks to luxurious private offices, you’ll be amazed at the creative solutions people find to make WFH look good.


What does your dream workspace look like? This page shares beautifually designed, Pinterest-worthy home office spaces. Follow @home_office_ for library-style bookshelf walls, dreamy window views, and office plants galore!

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The username says it all… @minimalsetups is run by the stylish minimalistic brand ULX. Sometimes less is more when it comes to a stylish yet functional workspace, and this page proves that minimalism will never go out of style.


A desk full of clutter can seriously impact productivity at work. @thecleanestdesk shares thoughtfully styled, yet clutter-free work areas that will make you think, “desk goals.” You’ll want to refine your desk space right away!


@homeofficeinteriordesign shows that adding some greenery to a workspace makes it feel energetic and welcoming. You’ll have a bit of nature to keep you calm and provide a hint of fresh air until you can step outside for a coffee break.


Not everyone has the space in their home for an entire dedicated office – and that’s alright! @smallhomeoffice is loaded with clever ideas for turning a small area into a fully-equipped workspace. From unique shelving to bulletin board walls, there’s a solution for every nook and cranny!


Okay, WeWork isn’t specifically for home office inspiration, but seeing its coworking spaces around the world is sure to inspire! From bright graphic artwork to playful furniture, there’s plenty of design choices to take notes of for your own home.

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The most important part of any home office is a comfortable, ergonomic chair. We spend most of the workday sitting, and posture matters. all33 is the Shark Tank-famous office chair designed by chiropractors to induce healthy posture, reduce pain, and improve wellbeing. Its patented Sit in Motion® technology provides optimal lumbar support while effectively moving all 33 of your vertebrae for spinal wellness. It’s slouch-proof, designed to cradle the pelvis and lower back, causing the vertebrae to stack into ideal posture.

all33 is backed by doctors and public figures (including Justin Bieber and Paula Abdul) for its universal comfort and posture enhancement. Relieve neck and shoulder pain from slouching, and aching lower backs from working with these stylish chairs. With vegan leather and fabric upholstery options and a variety of colorways, the all33 chair will look and feel amazing in your home office space.

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Do you know of any accounts that we missed? If so, please reach out to and let us know who you’d like to see featured next!