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7 Office Design Accounts That Will Make You Miss Working From The Office

If you work for an organization with a physical office, chances are you’ve gotten to take a break from commuting over the last few years. 

The COVID-19 pandemic led to a revolution in company culture and office habits as billions of people around the world were forced to quarantine themselves at home and avoid gathering in public spaces. The rise of the WFH workforce brought a lot of positives for sure: no need to commute, getting to wear pajamas all day, and getting to spend more time with family to name a few. But it also brought some less positive qualities: getting cabin fever, forgetting how to wear real clothes, and having to spend more time with family. 

Luckily, with vaccinations on the rise and safety precautions in place, there has been a return to the office happening slowly but surely. Many companies are adopting a hybrid office model, where employees have flexibility to work in the office some days and at home other days. Some companies are beginning to offer incentives to entice their employees back to the office, including redesigning their spaces to be more inviting. 

Whether or not you feel you are suited to WFH, you have to admit that there’s something great about being in a space that was designed to help people work at their best! A well designed office is a thing of beauty, and we miss the chance to work together in ours. To remind you about how nice being in the office can be, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite Instagram accounts featuring gorgeous offices around the world. Check them out and let us know what you miss about your office!

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Officedesigninspo is a simple, clean account featuring pictures of beautiful office spaces around the world. You’ll find everything from unique conference rooms to color studies and everything in between. This will inspire you to push for redecoration when you decide to hit the office again. is an account run by the design magazine designboom. Their account highlights innovative and pleasing office design elements, from furniture to color schemes. They are a great account to follow if you want to stay ahead of trends in the office space design world. Plus, everything they post simply looks amazing.


This account is run by The Design Group, an award-winning interior design and architecture firm based in Poland. They believe that “the office is a company’s business card,” and their work reflects that belief that offices should be full of character, as well as operate as a functional facility. They post amazing photos, and feature interviews with their designers as well. 


Icon Modern is actually a furniture company based in the midwest, specializing in sturdy office furniture made from wood, steel and unique materials. In addition to making standard items like conference tables and chairs, they also make bespoke feature pieces out of reclaimed materials like ferris wheel carriages, car hoods and more!


Oktra is an interior design studio who’s tagline is “We create spaces that inspire people to do amazing things.” You’ll certainly be inspired just looking at the amazing work they do. As a bonus, they also periodically post infographic style posts about trends in office design and work culture too, so you can implement some of their wisdom in your own office. 


Rainbow is a design firm that specializes in creating cutting edge workspaces for leading companies. As you might expect, their instagram page features lots of inspiring designs and tips for creating better office space. They also do lots of informational videos about trends in the industry, including new layouts that are popular, and furniture trends that are on the rise. 


Robin is a tech company that is changing the way people interact with their workspace. Their technology-driven approach to using office space leads to some interesting insights in work habits, and their account reflects a deep knowledge of how people actually want to use their space. Follow them for gorgeous office pictures, but also great tips and knowledge on office space use.

We hope these accounts get you excited and inspired to go back into your office! Do you know of any content creators or accounts that we missed? If so, please reach out to and let us know who you’d like to see featured next!