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Brand Spotlight: Asobu

All of us here at love Asobu’s products. They are a great mix of design and functionality that are sure to make your swag standout from the crowd. Asobu offers a wide variety of water bottles, tumblers, coffee mugs and even great coffee brewing options. Here are some of our favorite Asobu products.

Asobu Water Bottles

  1.  ORB – The Orb is a really unique shape bottle that is sure to stand out. Besides its unique shape it is also available in stylish color options. It holds 14Oz of liquid, hot or cold.
  2. Urban  – This 16oz bottle is is highly fashionable and practical! Available in great colors, it is a perfect bottle for your daily use.
  3. Oasis – The Oasis bottle is the bigger option at 20oz, so it makes it the perfect option for traveling or going to the gym.

Asobu Cold Brew and Pour Over

  1. Cold Brew Portable Brewer – What else needs to be said about this product other than it was a Top 10 Product of the year by Oprah Winfrey. It makes amazing cold brew and the storage carafe can be stored or taken with you on the go. This is a great gift for employees working at home or as a thank you to a new customer.
  2. Pour Over Coffee Maker – This makes delicious pour-over brew and comes with a convenient portable carafe. This is another great option as a work-from-home gift or to send to a team to help engage them in weekly coffee chats.

Asobu Coffee Mugs

  1. Infinite Mug  – The Asobu Infinite Mug is state of the art, double wall, vacuum insulated and copper lined stainless steel. It also includes two stunning new features… One is a unique ceramic coated interior and the other is an extra wide cork base exterior. It holds 16oz of your favorite hot or cold drink.
  2. Ultimate Mug – The Asobu Ultimate Mug is another great choice, especially for those on the go. It is very durable, keeps liquids warm for hours and has a great spill proof lid.
  3. Campfire Mug  – Asobu’s take on the classic camper mug has a great twist. The handle is a carabiner, so it makes it easy to attach to a back pack and carry along to your camp.

Asobu Tumblers and Travel Mugs

  1. Frosty Drink Tumbler – You take a bottle of soda, energy sport drink or even water from the refrigerator and how are you going to keep it cold when you go out? The Frosty Drink Bottle 2 Go is the answer. The bottle will keep your drink cool all day everywhere you go.
  2. Tied Tumbler – This is Asobu’s version of a classic tumbler. As usual the design is perfect, the colors choices are great and the quality is amazing. This is perfect for the office, car or just lounging around.
  3. Coffee Compact – Sometimes you just want a basic coffee cup, not too big or small. The Coffee Compact is the perfect size cup for your office, home, and car with its snug, easy grip handle and flip top lid.