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Case Study: How TaskRabbit Builds Company Culture From Day One is proud to help innovative organizations around the world accomplish their goals. We work with businesses and nonprofits alike to create meaningful brand touch points that make an impact. Now and then we like to share stories of how some of our customers are doing just that!

We are happy to introduce you to TaskRabbit, a technology platform that connects workers with folks who need assistance with everyday tasks. From assembling furniture, to moving assistance, to running passports to the airport, TaskRabbit is revolutionizing everyday work. Here’s how they use to help power their team!

Ever been stumped by an assemble-it-yourself piece of furniture, or stuck without a mover at the last minute? Maybe you’ve been caught with no time to make it to the grocery store and a desperate need for something to be delivered. If any of these situations are familiar, you might know about TaskRabbit.

TaskRabbit is a platform that seamlessly connects “Taskers” — skilled workers hired on a job to job basis— with clients in need of assistance with a task. With a website and an app, TaskRabbit makes it incredibly easy to get things done for busy people, and creates opportunities for skilled workers along the way!

A people-centric platform powered by great people

Behind TaskRabbit’s innovative business is a team of dedicated employees working constantly to improve their platform. With corporate offices in San Francisco, Austin and London, as well as a remote workforce spread throughout the US, TaskRabbit calls on a diverse set of people to move it forward. 

Managing these folks requires a strong company culture, which TaskRabbit proudly promotes as a key feature of its success. In 2020, TaskRabbit was named a top company for diversity, as well as a top company for women by Databird Business Journal.

“Our culture at TaskRabbit is very inclusive,” says Aubri Rambke, a Human Resources Coordinator at TaskRabbit. “We want everyone to be heard, to grow and to succeed while being good teammates to each other, caring about our colleagues and our clients.”

Building appreciation from the ground up

Part of the way TaskRabbit builds strong teams is by demonstrating a deep appreciation for their employees from day one. In addition to the proper training, introductions and welcome celebrations, TaskRabbit goes out of their way to make employees feel a part of the team by sending them custom onboarding kits using

“The new hires love their swag boxes!,” Audri says. “It is an unexpected gift that arrives at their front door during their first week of work. They are able to rock their TaskRabbit swag right away. It helps make new hires feel welcome to the company to receive a box full of swag during their first week.”

As for what to include in the box, Aubri says they opt for a mixture of things that are both useful and fun. For remote employees without a physical office to work out of, these boxes are a way to equip themselves for success, but also connect with something tangible that represents the company.

“We like to include different types of swag that people can use for work purposes as well as within their personal lives. All items include our logo so that they can proudly display the TaskRabbit name.”

“We like to include different types of swag that people can use for work purposes as well as within their personal lives,” Aubri says. “The items we’ve used include t-shirts, water bottles, notebooks, pens, masks, mugs and pop sockets. All items include our logo so that they can proudly display the TaskRabbit name.”

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Using to meet all of their unique distribution needs

In addition to helping TaskRabbit create awesome onboarding kits for their employees, also partners with TaskRabbit for smaller things like event t-shirts, employee gifts and more. With a workforce that is so spread out, using the distribution platform helps TaskRabbit manage these gifting initiatives with the ability to reach people wherever and whenever they need. 

Whether teams are in one office, or working from home across the country, makes it easy for companies like TaskRabbit to create, store and distribute high quality gifts and gift boxes at the drop of a hat. 

For TaskRabbit, Audri says gifting has become an integral part of their way to make employees feel close to the company, to one another, and to the values and mission they all work towards.

“Providing company swag is always something that people enjoy,” Audri says, “It’s a way of showing appreciation, that you’re part of the team and that you matter.”

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